SOURCES: More Than One Host May Be Leaving Blaze TV

Amid turmoil at Blaze HQ over host Tomi Lahren, your RedState Insider has received tips of a hostile work environment on her set. Insider is told it gets nasty, with Lahren at times screaming at and berating her own staff. Stories of her yelling at the makeup team, screaming at an employee for not “heating up her butt warmer” before air, and a general “disdain” and indifference towards her staff have surfaced in the wake of Lahren’s recent announcement on “The View” that she is pro-abortion. (Not to mention her suggestion that pro-life conservatives are hypocrites.)


But the Insider’s sources indicate problems at Blaze TV go much deeper, with some suggesting that Tomi Lahren may not be the only person headed for exit. Yes, Insider is now told that host Dana Loesch is also considering leaving the network “some time this summer”.

Dana Loesch, conservative superstar, radio talker, gun rights advocate, and author, is a big voice and very public face for the network, and a nationally recognized political figure. One Insider source further indicated that while Lahren’s reportedly poisonous treatment of the staff at the Blaze has exacerbated Loesch’s frustrations, the potential departure is related to other longstanding issues still being worked on.

Last year there was a shakeup on the web side of The Blaze, and it has since been humming along stronger under new leadership. It appears that Blaze TV will now have its own Big Changes, as questions loom about where they go and what they do after a potential departure of their most public faces.


Dana Loesch was not available for comment at the time of this writing.


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