Washington Whispers: Pat McCrory About to be Picked as Trump's ...


In New York, D.C. and Raleigh, whispers circulate today after outgoing conservative Governor Pat McCrory met with Donald Trump at Trump Tower Wednesday. The tight lips in public say we don’t know what the two met about, but a little bird tells the Insider that it was indeed about an appointment.


Local North Carolina station WRAL included in a report Tuesday that patriot Pat might be up for a role in the Department of Energy, the Federal Emergency Management Agency or even the Department of Transportation.

Our friends down at the rumor mill tell us that, in fact, the Department of Transportation is the wise bet. In fact, Insider’s sources say it was in the cards before today’s meeting.

They are but whispers – albeit mostly in his home state and in circles with good reason to know – and such buzz can be wrong in any administration or transition, but in particular in this one. The guessing game is part of Trump’s strategy to keep the news cycle in his favor, say some, and this could always be nothing more than the sparest of scuttlebutt. For their part, the transition team is keeping mum on exactly what went down.

“There is a very good rapport between the president-elect and Governor McCrory,” Trump spokesman Jason Miller told reporters Wednesday morning. “Governor McCrory is someone who the president-elect had the chance to get to know pretty well on the campaign trail this year.”

Miller called McCrory “someone who’s viewed as a reformer” and “a very solutions-oriented leader.”

“Obviously (he is) someone who has a number of good ideas on how we should form this administration, and who is talented in his own right as well,” Miller said.


Not too specific.

Still, DOT does seem to have the Gov’s name on it. Road issues (and controversies) have followed Pat from Charlotte to Raleigh, and he is experienced in the government mire on the transportation front.

No word from our timid Tarheel sources on when any possible announcement might be made, but let the speculation unleash.

At least that’s what the Insider hears.


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