PCCC Wipeout

Democrats are busily trying to explain why yesterday’s massive defeats don’t actually mean the public disagrees with Democratic policies. But in one area, the evidence could not be more clear.


In October, the PCCC (“Progressive Change Campaign Committee”) launched a “Net Neutrality Protectors” pledge, signed by 95 Democratic candidates. How did it work out for PCCC and the 95 Democrats who supported regulation of the Internet?

0 for 95.

PCCC’s Adam Green spins:

What’s left to say after this wipeout? – Adam Green, co-founder of the Progressive Change Campaign Committee, says this: “Democrats lost because party leaders never truly fought for popular progressive reforms like the public option and breaking up the big banks, leaving voters uninspired to come to the polls and vote Democratic…. Progressives will be stepping up and insisting that the Democratic Party be bolder, not weaker. We will demand boldness, reward bold leaders, reject ‘leaders’ in name only, and hold Democratic politicians accountable when they don’t fight for popular, progressive change. In short, these next two years, progressives will push Democrats to fight strongly for popular progressive reforms — and save the Democratic Party from its own incredible weakness that savaged Democratic candidates in 2010.”


Notice what he didn’t mention? Net neutrality. That’s no surprise, considering how every single Democrat who signed on just learned their “reward” for taking PCCC’s “popular progressive reform” pledge was unanimous defeat.

Maybe Democrats are finally learning that it doesn’t pay to chase an unpopular distraction manufactured by Moveon.org.

Incidentally, do you know who ran the Moveon.org net neutrality campaign? Adam Green.



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