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The President iconic to this generation of conservatives often spoke of rugged individualism: A term that seems to be in direct conflict with community.  Today I was motivated to think about and share with you my thoughts on this conflict, or lack thereof.


Many conservatives, myself included, believe that no one is responsible for us, other than ourselves.  We believe that our current situation, good or bad, is determined by decisions that we’ve made, either good or bad. To me this is a reality as certain as the sun rising.  Sure, actions of others and chance come into play, but everyone has to deal with obstacles in life. That is what rugged individualism is.  Right?

That is not the dilemma that spurred this thought-provoked diary.  A friend, mutual to many in the Redstate community, is in need.  Like most conservatives, I suspect that he is averse to asking for help.  When Haystack posted on his Facebook page a matter of personal tragedy along with a way for us to assist, I wanted to do what I could.  While unaware of the details concerning his son’s accident, he is facing a very expensive and lengthy recovery.

From Haystack’s Facebook post:

“As some of you are aware, my son Jamie has had an accident that has left him with injuries that will take a very long time to heal. He will be bedridden for quite some time and will require many months of post-operative care and rehabilitation. This is where his friends and family come in. We are asking for any help that anyone can offer with the financial side of this…”

If Haystack is asking, help is needed.  I chipped in what I could, but knew that more could be accomplished here at Redstate.  Your thoughts and prayers will certainly lend comfort in the months ahead and your financial support would also be very appreciated.


Like many old Redstaters’, Stack is focused on trying to make a living.  I don’t know who stayed in touch or remembers him, but I thought his situation weighty enough to step outside of my comfort zone and ask for your help.

Rugged individualism is great as long as we remember that we, not the Federal Government, have a responsibility to help each other.  Not a responsibility from cradle to grave, but a responsibility in times of genuine need.  Being part of the Redstate community, I have enthusiastically helped political candidates raise money to finance campaigns; this is the least I can do for a friend.

These thoughts are shared in anticipation that we as a community of conservatives can begin a broader discussion of how we win in 2016.  That is the big battle.  But for now, I trust the Redstate community will unite to help an old friend.  It’s a small battle that’s easily won.  I don’t know about you, but I need something in the win column.


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