Hey, GOP! Remember Us? We're Your Voters

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I still remember it. A prime time address by the President of the United States, on national television. What did he have to say?


He called me a Fascist. He literally told millions of my fellow countrymen that I am a Fascist. I’d never heard of such a thing. Presidents don’t do that. At least, U.S. Presidents don’t. I’ve lived through all of them since Eisenhower, and not one of them ever told half of the country that the other half was Fascist. Presidents refer to the citizens as “My fellow Americans.” They don’t refer to half the voters in the country by a name reserved for use on wartime enemies. This is some president we have here.

Oh, he denies he meant that. He meant the “MAGA Republicans.” There are 75 million people out here who voted for Donald Trump. Who are the “MAGA Republicans,” if not them? The President of the so-called “United” States called 75 million Americans “fascists,” and we all heard him do it.

Fortunately, we have our own elected officials. At least two of them were out there standing up for us. Kevin McCarthy, then the House Minority Leader, told Biden that he should apologize. And Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) said the speech filled our heads with stupid. Mike Huckabee said something, but he’s been out of office a while.


Things have only gotten worse since. If you are a Republican voter, hardly a day goes by that some government official, Democratic apparatchik, or embedded “journalist” from the Blue Media doesn’t call you a domestic terrorist, a threat to democracy, an insurrectionist, or worse. This is standard rhetoric for the Democrats now. They say something like this almost every day. They tell their half of America that the other half is making bombs in their kitchen, getting ready to overthrow the government. And Joe Biden will be ready for them with F-16s.

What have our Republican officeholders been doing to push back against this? Basically nothing.

That is, until now. On Tuesday, both Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and Senator Thom Tillis (R-NC) joined in, voicing their support for the Democrats’ ongoing effort to paint Republican voters, from sea to shining sea, as violent extremists, insurrectionists, and so on. Mitt Romney was in on that too, but who cares; we all expect that sort of back-stabbing bile from him.

I did not expect it from Mitch McConnell, and as may be apparent, I am stunned that he did something this thoughtless, stupid, and harmful to the voters in his own Party. Perhaps, like Joe Biden himself, Mitch McConnell is past his sell-by date.


There is a culture war going on in this country. Every single day, from every pore in the Blue Media, there comes a constant drumbeat telling people that Republicans — all Republicans, officeholders and voters alike — are un-American. They are against democracy. They want to overthrow the government. They are violent terrorists. What are our Republican officeholders doing to defend us from these slurs? Absolutely nothing.

Have any group of officeholders, anywhere, ever treated their voters with more disdain? Who are these people, and why are they holding office in what is our party? We are the voters. Not them.


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