Let's Rub Feces in the Faces of 75 Million People and See What Happens

AP Photo/Ross D. Franklin

If you spend any time on social media, you’re aware of the existence of a small but politically active segment of our society that is positively delusional concerning the political makeup of the United States. These people — who perhaps represent 15 to 20 percent of the population — imagine that they are, or at least are just like, the vast majority of the people in the country. They believe that their policies are wildly popular. They believe and act as if the country is roughly 85% Democrats and 15% Republicans, each one of whom is an elderly, white, male, Christian fundamentalist who never finished high school and who lives in a trailer park.

It may not matter very much what delusions a few hundred thousand yahoos who hang out in the comment section of the Huffington Post tell each other in their fully enclosed, air-conditioned media bubble.

However, when we have evidence that the Attorney General of the United States is hanging out in a media bubble with them and is every bit as delusional concerning the political makeup of the population, we have a crisis on our hands.

I’m assuming he’s delusional because otherwise he’s insane. Merrick Garland just signed off on having the FBI raid the personal home of a former President of the United States, who only two years ago received the votes of over 75 million American citizens. Anyone who thinks this event will go down like ice cream or, even more preposterously, will be cheered by the public, is sufficiently out of touch with the American citizenry that they should not be anywhere near high office.

The FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago is the most divisive and angry-making thing our government has done in at least 150 years. It’s not the worst thing, and it’s probably not the stupidest thing. But it has viscerally angered the highest number of people, by several orders of magnitude.

A reasonable question is how something like this could get approved at the highest levels of government. We know how it could get approved by the crazy people in the blue media bubble. They are not only cheering this development–they are eagerly awaiting what they view as the obvious next step, the indictment of Donald Trump. What scares me is that it appears so far that “the highest levels of government” are full of crazy people from the blue media bubble. A raid like this must have been in the planning stages for many weeks. There would have been a dozen high-level meetings involving over a hundred people. It tells us something very disturbing about who inhabits these headquarters buildings in Washington, D.C., that all this planning could go on–without anyone giving a thought to the 75 million Trump voters and how they would react to this kind of indignity being visited on a man they wanted as their President.

This is huge. The Democrats have crossed the Rubicon with this move. They have used the government of the United States, and its law enforcement machinery no less, as a toy… something to play with, to amuse themselves as they visit revenge upon a man they hate. I think they have lit a fire under more people than they have ever seen show up for a midterm election.


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