Blue Media Pours Russian Hysteria Sauce on Parler

As the folks at Parler rebuild their web site and try to get back in business after Amazon Web Services’ thoroughly unethical Surprise Weekend Shutoff, people in the Blue Media seem terrified that mass murderers, white supremacists, Nazis, and other miscreants — perhaps including you and your children — might once again have Parler as an alternative to the heavy-handed left-wing censorship of Twitter.


What better way to fight that than another round of “Muh Russia” hysteria? The opening salvo in this round appears to have been this brilliant piece of hyperbole from a Twitter Clown wearing a CyberSecurity suit:

Well, not exactly. What is true is that Parler is buying its protection-from-hackers services from a firm that is owned by a couple of Russians. It is nevertheless a well-established firm in that segment with thousands of clients, and appears to have a competent offering. And while we all wish that U.S. firms could be trusted not to jam their politics down their clients’ throats, we can’t trust that anymore. And so we are left with the sad spectacle of Americans having to hire Russians to protect their right to speak freely in the United States.

There are stories popping up all over the blue media tonight that will tell you that Parler is now “hosted in Russia.” They don’t know where it’s hosted. All they know is that the “protection layer” server that is delivering Parler’s one static web page is in Belize. This is the company owned by the two guys who live in Russia. Companies that are in that business typically have servers all over the world. So far we have no server in Russia, and no knowledge that any data either originates in Russia or is sent there. The blue media “experts” are just making stuff up.

Traceroute to

They also appear to be going full-metal propaganda on the subject. Listen to this, from Reuters:

DDoS-Guard has worked with other racist, rightist and conspiracy sites that have been used by mass murderers to share messages, including 8kun. It has also supported Russian government sites.

Racists! Mass murderers! Give. Me. A. Break. I don’t even want to say his name, but we all remember the mass murderer who shot up Las Vegas. That guy surely had an ISP at home, probably Comcast or Verizon. If we were Reuters we could say that they worked with a mass murderer! What a lame, stupid trick. But this is what passes for journalism now, so take your laughs where you can get them.

There will exist what is called an “origin server,” the machine that holds the original copies of the web pages that get sent out by the “protection servers.” That is what most people mean when they refer to a “web host.” For Parler, we don’t know where that is yet. John Matze, Parler’s CEO, hasn’t said where it is or what company he hired to host Parler. All these people who claim to know where Parler is hosted do not know. So don’t believe them.



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