Democrat Media Fantasyland

You’ve seen them out on the Internet: the folks who are certain that the President of the United States is a Russian secret agent… a tool of Putin. They believe that the North Korean summit was merely a ploy to distract from the Mueller investigation. In fact nearly everything the Administration does is a ploy to distract from the Mueller investigation. Like everyone else, they know that liberal Democrats comprise an eighty to ninety per cent majority in the United States. Indeed, the only people left who are not liberal Democrats are the rapidly dwindling number of elderly white male Christian fundamentalists who live in trailer parks. You know: Republicans.


You’ve seen them on television. Chris Wallace is one. Jake Tapper is another. In fact almost every working journalist in the United States is a permanent resident of Democrat Media Fantasyland.

Democrat Media Fantasyland is what’s left of what used to be the universal zeitgeist of the American experience. We all watched the same networks, we all read the same wire service stories, we all heard the same news every hour on the hour. That’s the way it was, December fourteenth, nineteen sixty-eight. The ‘feed’, as it were, was slightly left-of-center, cosmopolitan, globalist, and decidedly in favor of the Democratic Party. In the heyday of this universal zeitgeist, the Democratic Party held the majority in the House of Representatives for forty continuous years.

Today’s media landscape is far more diverse. The narrative that unfolds in Democratic Media Fantasyland is no longer the universal zeitgeist. Only about a quarter of Americans still stay within those walls; everyone else is exposed to at least a helping or two of current events that the “captive 25%” never hears about.

This is starting to lead to various sorts of weirdness. It might even be dangerous. As everyone except the Democratic Party’s True Believers now at least visits other shores, DMF has turned into the worst sort of echo chamber… the kind where craziness feeds on itself, stranger and stranger tales become Known Facts, and the whole population of the echo chamber starts to withdraw from friends who don’t share the vision. They are becoming a kind of cult, but a very large one with perhaps 25 or 30 million members.


We’re beginning to see Democratic office holders cater to — and manipulate — these people in ways that would have seemed bizarre only ten years ago. When you can produce and sustain an alternative reality, the sort of place where 20 million people get up every day knowing that Hillary Clinton actually won the 2016 election; that a Magic Mueller will soon frog-march Trump The Usurper right out of the Oval Office and into a prison van; and now even that Socialism ought to be given another try right here, you can say and do a lot of other crazy things.

Does it make sense for Rep. Nadler to keep rattling the swords of impeachment? Not in our world, where the Senate will squash any such thing like a bug. Does it make sense for Rep. Schiff to keep insisting that he has proof that the Trump campaign colluded with Russia? Not when the Special Counsel said that he and his 40 FBI agents didn’t find any after two years of looking. Does it make sense for the Speaker of the House to say in public that she’d like to see the President of the United States in prison? Not in any world where she hopes to get anything done. But all those things play very well indeed in Democrat Media Fantasyland. The 20 million inhabitants live for such talk. It doesn’t matter to them that none of it will ever happen in the real world, because they’ll never find out. The 20 million inhabitants of DMF no longer live in the real world. The narrative they see in their media is their reality. They live in Democrat Media Fantasyland… where everyone thinks like them, where they are a super majority, where the whole nation hates that Donald Trump.



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