Nationalism Is Hard, But Worth It If You Love America


One thing frustrates me about people who purport to be my allies on wanting to enforce America’s immigration laws anew and restore the value of our citizenship. They won’t willingly pay any price for it. It’s always someone else’s fault. Sadly, fixing and repairing things costs money and hardship. The rain will fall on both the wicked and the just. It will cost us an economic recession to get this done. It won’t be fair, it will just be necessary. If you value the rule of law, pray that it will also be sufficient.

It reminds me of my misspent youth when I played club rugby. There would always be the guy who thought he’d get women if he flashed around town in his t-shirts and game jersey.* But, he would never willingly set the alarm clock to the butt-crack of dawn to run his five miles a day to achieve decent match fitness. This is analogous to the 80’s era MTV version of American Nationalism championed currently by Donald Trump. Fred Reed gives us excruciating detail as to the how and why.

I note that he [The Donald] is carefully, and dishonestly, putting the immigrational blame on those who came instead of on the Americans who bade them come, wanted them to come, and want them to keep coming. Trump says that the Chinese and Mexicans are our enemies because they are “taking American jobs.” I wonder exactly how the Chinese take American jobs. Do they land in division strength in North Carolina and occupy factories? Or do American businessmen (Trump is an American businessman) send American factories to China, knowing that it will devastate the American economy? Does a Mexican take an American’s job by putting a pistol to his head and saying, “Geeve me the shoffel or I weel blow your brines out”? Or do American businessmen (Trump is an American businessman) hire illegals, and encourage them to come, knowing perfectly well that they are illegal?

Fred then tells us why he believes no American will ever have the guts to fix illegal immigration. He underestimates our resolve as a nation and assumes we on the Right just gripe and complain about #RINOs and #Cuckservatives instead of putting on the big boy pants and actually fixing anything. Everyone just hates the furriners, but nobody is willing to pay any price themselves to fix the problem. He could be correct, I pray that he isn’t. Reed explains below how it will probably cost America an economic recession to significantly reduce the population of illegals in America and reestablish proper respect for the rule of law.

I will believe that Trump is serious about deporting illegals when he proposes to slap on employers a fine of $500 per day, per illegal, half to go anonymously to the informant if any, this to go into effect after a month’s grace period. It presumably could be packaged as enforcement of existing law, and therefore not require congressional approval. It would place the burden of verification squarely where it belongs, on the American businessmen who know well that they are hiring illegals. The trouble with this approach is that it would work. Immediately. Slaughterhouses, farms, orchards, and construction firms would go tits-up. American businessmen (have I mentioned that Trump is an American businessman?) would suffer the consequences of doing what they knew they were doing. But of course, American consumers would also suffer the consequences. So it won’t happen.

So it costs us a recession? That isn’t too steep a price. Independence from The British Empire cost us a war. We should be willing to take a shot of whiskey and bite that stick because it will hurt to amputate even 2/3 of the 11 million or so illegals in the US at present. Wrrrippp! Are you crazy RMJ? Are you cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs? Quite possibly. Pick your favorite DSM Axis and let’s evaluate in a dispassionate manner.

But *I* didn’t come here illegally? Do you live in a house built in the last 15 years? But *I* don’t hire illegals. Do you shop at Publix or Kroger? Now don’t get angry. I do these things as well. I also put gas in my car without verifying that the guy who drove the OTR tanker to that particular filling station was a US Citizen. Oh well….I guess if I ever pitched an inning in the big leagues you’d just have to call me #Cucklord_Perry**. We are all at least indirectly guilty of aiding and abetting this problem.

I don’t say those things to be derogatory. Neither you nor I can entirely help it. I just point out that our current lifestyles are contributing to and fueling this particular problem. We have to be willing to see those lifestyles become temporarily less pleasant if we want to avoid going the way of the old Roman Empire. If we aren’t willing to live up to the true challenge of making America great again, then America will never again be fabulous or huge like it used to be. American Nationalism is worth the cost. (Go Nats!) It’s just sad that our current passel of political want-to-bes doesn’t have the guts to accurately quote you the price.

*-Small wonder the horizontal stripes make his belly look fat (I know, I know, everyone picks on us props.)

**-And check both my cap and my glove for illegal foreign substances…

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