For Wendy Davis And Other Leftists Losing Is Never Saying Good-Bye


Perhaps if Barack Obama’s latest Hail Mary Pass on Climate Change falls incomplete, there’s yet another leaf in the old Jackass Party Playbook – The Hail Satan. They won’t call it that, any more than they’d call their playmaker, Wendy Davis, by her popular nickname outside the fever swamps, Abortion Barbie. The vehicle by which she’ll dupe the rubes and plot her grab for more swag will be called a women’s equality initiative. Lauren Kelly of Rolling Stone Magazine fills us in on all the exciting details (sarcasm off).

It’s still in the planning stages. But when I came out of the gubernatorial campaign, I reflected on, “What do I want to do now?” because this is the first time in 16 years that I haven’t been in public office. Not being in office – not having my state senate seat – was much harder than losing that gubernatorial election, because I care so very much about these issues. I gave some thought to, “How do I continue to play a role?”

You can imagine how hard she found it to not be in office. Not having her senate seat had to be a real pain in the posterior. Have these backwards Texans no sense of Droit du seigneur? Well, never you mind. Wendy Davis’ heart is just filled with noblesse oblige. She’s here to help hers,…oops, I mean The Millennials. Why? Asks the knowing contrarian. Wendy needs to do better than “Why not?” Here’s her attempt at least a good fear-monger.

We’re literally forcing women into being childbearing vessels. [But] how are the children of the women who were forced to bear them going to be fed and educated?

Well, Wendy Old Pal, it works something like this. First, you don’t ditch the spouse the second a chance at “self-actualization” springs into the picture. Then, you put an awful lot of your personal ambitions on the back-burner and delay some gratification while you do mundane tasks such as driving your wonderful children around to various functions and activities instead of driving yourself to your favorite Starbucks. And then there’s the whole full-funding thing. Most of us that are managing to feed the offspring that we all just forced our dear wives to bear in Talibanish* fashion don’t make the court track us down and force us to pay child support. It’s just a thought, Wendy Dawlin’.

But enough on this particular bucket of scum all dolled up for the librawl limelight. Wendy Davis can’t make a comeback because she never really left. This, in and of itself, brings up another depressing issue. Failed lefty politicians do what their patron saint Karl predicted they would. They join a reserve army of the unemployed. Publications like Current TV, Rolling Stone and organizations such as John Edward’s Center on Poverty, Work and Opportunity serve as financial umbilical cords attaching parasitic failed leftists to the public teat.

There’s always another source of money to provide a Russ Feingold, a John Deadwards or even a cast-off Abortion Barbie another platform from which to drone. They never go away because there is a hideous machinery to always recycle them after they are ground up into bulk filler. You don’t need new Progressive Ideals when you can always resurrect the dead ones the next time the electorate changes its mind. As Ian Tuttle put it after the results from Texas came in back in 2014. “Greg Abbott Wins in Texas; Wendy Davis Joins MSNBC.”

*-It’s a word now!

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