Only The Most Sick and Depraved Would Join #ShoutYourAbortion


The advocates of the more widespread and aggressive aborting of pregnancies have attempted to change the moral terrain upon which they fight their battles. Lindy West of #ShoutYourAbortion treats us to the following logic.

There are no “good” abortions and “bad” abortions, because an abortion is just a medical procedure, reproductive healthcare is healthcare, and it is a fact without caveat that a fetus is not a person. – Lindy West

Janet Harris gives her blunt, honest, and utterly evil opinion in a recent Washington Post Op-Ed.

To say that deciding to have an abortion is a “hard choice” implies a debate about whether the fetus should live, thereby endowing it with a status of being. It puts the focus on the fetus rather than the woman. As a result, the question “What kind of future would the woman have as a result of an unwanted pregnancy?” gets sacrificed. By implying that terminating a pregnancy is a moral issue, pro-choice advocates forfeit control of the discussion to anti-choice conservatives.

But of course once you’ve denigrated the existence of an unborn child, we can quickly move on to the ones that make it out of a womb alive. An article in the “scholarly” journal Medical Ethics* raised the following argument.

… Although fetuses and newborns are not persons, they are potential persons … If a potential person, like a fetus or a newborn, does not become an actual person, like you and us, then … there is no harm at all … The alleged right of (fetuses and newborns) to develop their potentiality … is over-ridden by the interests of actual people (parents, family, society) to pursue their own well-being.

Note the implicit power of philosophical induction at work here. The fetus is the base case. (N=0, since you don’t hear it crying). We then move on to the next value of n with helpless, inconvenient little newborns. This, sort of dehumanization is in no way new to The United States of America. The infamous “Carrie Bell Case” is just another example of where thinking very familiar to Lindy West and Janet Harris eventually leads.

Until WWI, eugenics in Germany and the U.S. ran parallel courses. By the middle of the 1930’s, more than half the states in the United Sates had passed laws that authorized the sterilization of “inmates of mental institutions, persons convicted more than once of sex crimes, those doomed to be feeble-minded by 10 tests, ‘moral degenerate persons,’ and epileptics.” In the famous Carrie Bell case, the Supreme Court upheld the Virginia law ordering her compulsory sterilization and “presaged the arguments used later to justify eugenic killings in Nazi Germany.”

In the context of Carrie Bell, neither the outcome of Roe v. Wade nor the sickening butchery for profit conducted by Planned Parenthood can come as much of a shocker. At the very least we Yanks are philosophically consistent over the last few decades. And mark my words, this is not entirely the fault of the American Left. Sick and abhorrent ideas have to be exposed and rigorously castigated. Degenerates deserve no better than degenerative semantics. Least they be encouraged to further their degeneracy. We The American Right owe our nation far more than to allow this despicable, evil American tradition to continue unchallenged by the forces of decency. A life not sacred is not going to matter.


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