9-12, The Patriot Act and Islamic Terrorism

Same As It Ever Was, Same As It Ever Was,....
Same As It Ever Was, Same As It Ever Was,….

The United States Government needs to do one of two things in regards to the Post 9-11 existential threat of anti-western terrorism and the Orwell State we have erected to combat it. We can go [mc_name name=’Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’P000603′ ] or we can go Genghis Kahn. Instead, as a result of the coruscating brilliance of The Bright and Shining Won, Barack Obama, we have the operational effectiveness you’d expect from a GOP Senator from Kentucky combined with the finely honed sensitivity towards civil liberties you would expect from a battle-drunk Mongolian warlord on the plunder.


So what does the 9-12 American Orwell State do for us? We have a state with the power to make your next flight to Albuquerque an adventure in misery. We can then read everything you ever put into a cellphone or computer, but that can’t even be bothered to protect your identity if you serve in the military.

Oh, and remember how we weren’t going to cherry-pick intelligence after George W. Halliburton was no longer Dominus Et President? Oh, yeah! We’re totally sticking it to ISIS. In the Matrix maybe. And all those people we were saving because of the superior strategic mind of Clausewitz of Columbia? Those people are washing up on the beach in Turkey like a far less funny version of Weekend at Bernie’s.

Foreign Policy Magazine describes how Barack Obama rolls to disbelieve that we are at war with Eastasia.

The Obama administration believes none of this. It caricatures opposing viewpoints and misrepresents policy alternatives because it simply cannot acknowledge error. Having decided to leave millions of Syrians subject to barrel bombs, starvation sieges, mass terrorism, and collective punishment so as not to offend Iran, the administration (or more precisely, Europe) now reaps the whirlwind of hundreds of thousands of refugees. Yet instead of changing course, it whines about how much worse things would have been had other decisions been taken.


So President Obama would rather shoot a round of golf than solve the world’s problems like an American President. That’s what we voted for in 2008 and 2012. In that sense, he’s giving the rubes exactly what they were stupid enough to line up and vote for. We bought the ticket so let’s gaze upon that dead boy on the Turkish Beach and enjoy the flipping ride. Vladimir Putin will do the job that Americans just won’t do. Despite his manifold faults, he doesn’t treat his allies and clients the way America treats the Iraqi Kurds.

This brings me to what is in many respects an odious and terrible piece of legislation. That would be the USA Patriot Act. It was passed in a desperate time and therefore, showed many of the poor hallmarks of a rushed and hurried job. It takes away many of our rights and liberties and doesn’t even effectively protect us from many avenues approach that a jihad-drunk ISIS marauder could stroll down now if they saddled-up and bothered. Worse than that, our current President won’t even be bothered with using it to do what it was designed to do. The OPM can be hacked and his Secretary of State can hang classified data out there where it can be hacked like Ashley Madison.


So let me ask you a question. We’ll talk USA Patriot to USA Patriot.* Just what in the heck is this law actually protecting us from? 95% of the test items the IG tries to smuggle past the TSA get through. The nation’s borders are more wide open than Debbie when she done did Dallas. We drew a Red Line which an effeminate Syrian Dictator snorted off the table like he was reenacting Scarface. The USA Patriot Act is being aimed at the American People rather being used to protect us. It is increasingly becoming a threat instead of an aegis.

I argue against many conservatives and in favor of [mc_name name=’Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’P000603′ ]’s efforts to shut the whole damn thing down because he exposes this terrible law for what it is being turned into. He puts the burr under the saddle of our tyrant’s white horse. It is my sincere hope that America’s next president will realize that The War on Terror and The USA Patriot Act are a boxed set. You can do both or you can do neither. You cannot force The USA Patriot Act down the throats of the populace like an engorged phallus unless you also are ready to stand down the terrorist thugs like a boss. If we go Patriot Act on the average work-a-day patriot while we let the terrorists think terrorism works like hell, that really isn’t very patriotic – now is it?


*-And never mind if we get a New England Patriots broadcast over the headsets.


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