Quiet Heroes – Why America May Never Really Go Down


I’m reminded of the scene in The Two Towers where Gandalf gets called Gandalf Stormcrow because he always brings the bad news. There just doesn’t seem to be anything positive to blog these days. It’s like the Charles Bukowski poem “Eyeless Through Space.” At least it is if you don’t take enough time to see the positive side. That side is there. Even in Detroit.

Let’s say you are broke and underwater. Broke and underwater like the USS Arizona was broke and underwater on December 8th. You can drown or you could swim. You could be tough or you could be a victim. If you’ve spent time around people from Detroit, you’ll meet at least one that exudes a certain grimly happy toughness. They expect life to be a defecation pile. They deal with it. When life gives you feces; you go plant tomatoes.

And that’s exactly what the Detroiters in the Youtube above the post just did. And they planted corn and built their own greenhouses. They are working out agronomy and solving economic problems better than the corrupt, hyper-partisan idiots running Detroit’s City Hall.

I know, I know, the video runs 25 mins and it’s pretty easy just to TLDW. But if you miss it, you miss something pretty darn awesome. We get so used to people just phoning it in and expecting Barack Obama to make their house payment. These people in the video have hard lives and resent a lot of things, but they also are trying to do something about the problem. I’d trade a few of these garden ladies for [mc_name name=’Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’M000355′ ] any day of the week.

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