Barack Obama, Joe Biden And The 2016 Update of The Benny Hill Show


So let’s say you were Barack Obama.* Let’s say you really wanted that 3rd Term, but for some previously undiscovered reason, you actually walked around caring what was forbidden in the US Constitution. Who would be more committed than a guy who is actually addled enough to believe he really *was* serving Barack Obama’s 3rd term? The only guy that dumb still in President Obama’s Rolodex is none other than Joseph Biden. On most days Joe’s even clean and articulate. It could storybook, man. A big effing deal.

Now President Obama has a close and trusting relationship with his trusted sidekick Tonto.** Josh Earnest gives us the Officially Official View. An old skit from the Benny Hill Show gives a more accurate portrayal of the relationship. President Obama, naturally, is the one smoking.

So when Joe Biden went to [mc_name name=’Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’W000817′ ] and held a pow-wow with the Far, Far Left, he did it with Barack Obama’s blessing. A Biden-Warren Ticket would also have the Daily Kos blessing.

Then, of course, there is the old Obama-Clinton feud. I distinctly remember His Billyness remarking about the ineptitude of Barack Obama at fetching the former Lech-In-Chief his coffee. But that was all OK. Whitewater under the bridge you see. Barack found Hillary “likable enough.” Just how sharp a poniard would this be to the ribs of Hillary? Vox says a Biden run would help her out. At that point, you know you’ve just been kissed by Judas Iscariot.

So there you have it. The Joker gets his last joke in on America. And he gets to saddle us with Joe Biden and bury The Clinton Dynasty. It’s the Funny Or Die version of The Red Wedding from A Game of Thrones. Of course, it’s anyone who wants the USA to be governed in a sane or rational fashion who get to be The Starks. Some people just want to see the world burn. It’s a shame one of them is a two-term US President.

*-No, my Constant Reader. This doesn’t mean I hate you.

**-Biden wonders how Lone Ranger found Tonto without here being any 7-11’s around.

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