America Reaches A Moral Crossroads

Ann, You Are Quite Simply Wrong
Ann, You Are Quite Simply Wrong

It’s sad watching a good culture go bad. It’s like that jug of milk you’ve left in the back of the fridge for a week or so too long. You don’t get around to noticing it until you do. Then it really detracts from your day. This pretty much describes where I’m at with a lot of American culture. We’ve gone badly wrong. Ann Coulter offers us another symptom thereof.

I don’t care if @realDonaldTrump wants to perform abortions in White House after this immigration policy paper.

Now I’m easily the Redstate Front-Pager favouring the most restrictive policy on immigration. If someone attempts to weasel to my right on that one, I’ll just have to drink Miracle-Gro smoothies until I morph once more into the biggest flaming anti-amnesty A-hole on the site once again. I even looked past THE DONALD’s bellicose obnoxiousness to credit the man for making people pay attention to the problem we have with criminal aliens in certain parts of the country. However, Ann Coulter has once more managed to cheapen the entire issue. She tragically misses a very important point here.

Abortion is a much bigger problem than immigration. Immigrants wouldn’t pollute the fine patriotic stock of either Sodom or Gomorrah. If your society can’t quite decide whether or not they are bothered when a parasitic organisation horks taxpayer grants in order suck unborn children to pieces and then sells the salvage for profit, then your society sucks. I’d think even less of any immigrant who wanted crawl into the lifestyle septic tank with people like Dr Mary Getter of Planned Parenthood. If you are degenerate enough to want to join the type of place that Federally funds Planned Parenthood, I’m not sure I ever want you getting off the plane, leaving the boat or crossing the border. We have enough problem children in America, thank you very much.

Our once decent and open-hearted national character is increasingly becoming sick, degraded, spoiled, and contemptibly callous and brutal. I believe in my heart that 50 Million abortions has a part to play in the precipitous decline. This is why I don’t find La Belle Dam Coulter cute or funny. If Ann Coulter’s latest Tweet strikes you as reasonable, I’ll pray for you. If someone found it funny, I hope another person forcibly brushes their teeth with dog faeces. Ann Coulter would probably watch it on YouTube.

So why the long face, RMJ? Ann’s just being Ann. It’s about shocking the bourgeoisie. Well, I’ll let you in on one of our media’s better-kept secrets. When an abortion gets performed, the physician draws forth a weapon, attacks an unborn baby and kills it. I’ll drop another epistemological F-Bomb. Unborn babies are human beings. In America, where human beings have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, we probably shouldn’t sticking forceps on their necks and strangling other human beings. And since I’m harshing the mellow and killing the buzz, I’ll shoot for the trifecta.

Something in our national character dies along with those innocent, unborn children. We can look now at our society and see the same kind of creepy people who turned the skin of dead Jews into lampshades. We’re getting so cynical and unworthy of the title American that we just aren’t inclined to even bother believing our own national B*ll-sh*t. That would be Ann. She strikes a patriotic pose on the radical right without having a clue why any sane person would want to feel patriotism to America in the first place.

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