THE DONALD Has A Point: Illegal Immigrants Are Five Times More Likely To Commit Felonies

The Real Problem With US Immigration Policy.
The Real Problem With US Immigration Policy.

The troubles may have started as early as the 1840’s with The Westies in cities such as Boston and New York. They continued in the early years of the 20th Century as The Outfit terrorized Chicago, Illinois and fed on the stupidity of the utterly unenforceable Volstead Act. After the CCCP became nothing more than a romantic memory to the Birkenstock Bolsheviks of the American university faculty lounge; a vicious syndicate of foreign criminals terrorized parts of Los Angeles. And now…THE DONALD sounds the alarm regarding roving bands of Mexican rapists and drug-pushers compromising the hallowed blood of the master race.


Each of the crime problems mentioned above relates to a specific ethnic population. Each, in its turn, terrified a lot of decent and well-meaning people. Each was latched onto by groups of nativists and used to raise money and political influence. Every one of the critics of these recent groups of immigrants could cite statistical proof that their concerns were valid. Critics that personalized their critiques against Irish, Italians from Sicily, Russians or Mexicans received condign and fulsome denunciations for their bigotry. This deflected attention from the real problem that America has a foolish immigration system and therefore; the stupid cycle began anew with the next group of displaced immigrant criminals.

The latest fascination with Mexican Rapists appears to be utter Rube-Bait. If traditionally Roman-Catholic Mexico produces more kids than the US on a per capita basis, these children would seemingly be born to married couples, under proper circumstances. If Mexico wanted to internet-troll the US, they could have responded to Donald Trump’s comments regarding their sexual propriety with a 20-minute comedy monologue about Father’s Day in Baltimore. Get your popcorn ready, Captain Overcomb promises us another episode of The Jerry springer Show every time he opens his mouth and moves his lips.

THE DONALD may be obnoxious, but obnoxious people; even the racist ones, often times have a point. He may still claim to not know where Barack Obama was born, but he isn’t entirely bad at mathematics. A disproportionate number of incarcerated felons in American jails came here illegally. Details follow below.


Looking at it another way, illegal aliens constitute 27% of the federal prison population (3). This means that a group which comprises less than 5% of the population nationally is committing 27% percent of the federal crimes. So just by that metric alone, illegal aliens commit over five times more serious crimes on a per capita basis than residents do.

To me, this is an utterly predictable phenomenon. They broke the law when they came here. That whole respect the majesty of the law thingy already had its cherry popped when they showed up here and didn’t get sent right back. The fact that so many of them could come here so easily immediately gives new arrivals the impression that American Law is a fatuous lie expounded by pompous blowhards. They are not going to stop committing crimes after the first one. They’ve been assimilated into the belief that America is the land where crime indeed pays.

So rather than deriding Mexicans, let’s have a serious and properly judgmental conversation about Americans. Let’s discuss the current lack of any plan whatsoever to properly maintain order on our Southern Border. Contra THE DONALD, this one isn’t Mexico’s fault. They lost the ability to make our screwed-up government handle its basic responsibilities when they lost The Mexican War. To believe this situation exists because Mexicans are somehow inferior human beings is about as dumb as Bernie Sanders telling people you get cervical cancer from a paucity of a vaginal orgasms.


Until we make an actual commitment to security that is somewhat more ironclad than say, Secretary Archuleta’s procedures over at OPM, we are going to be the dumping ground for all of the world’s trash. A lot of that trash will come up north from over the Mexican Border because of our own failures to properly secure that border. We will attract a veritable Rainbow Coalition of the world’s ne’er-do-wells and rejects as long as we are unwilling to fix our own national problem on this issue. We have done so to our own detriment for a very long time.


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