Obama 2012: I Ended The War. Obama 2015: Only The USA Patriot Act Can Save Us!

He's Here To save Us!
He’s Here To save Us!

President Barack Obama bragged during his 2012 Reelection Campaign that he ended the war in Iraq. GM alive, Bin Laden dead, Barack Obama 2012! Barack Obama was dismissive when told that threats still remained. He initially described ISIS as “the JV.” For all who would listen he loudly proclaimed a victory for peace. Now that [mc_name name=’Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’P000603′ ] is demanding a peace dividend in the form of reduced governmental surveillance authority; the president wants The USA Patriot Act renewed by 12 am next Monday.

You see, Senator Paul is blocking votes on The USA Freedom Act which would reauthorize the USA Patriot Act in its entirety. He doesn’t sound particularly interested in making a deal, unless he gets majority votes on amendments aimed at gutting certain parts of the aforementioned Patriot Act that he feels jeopardize individual rights that are enumerated in the 4th Amendment to The US Constitution. Paul describes his inner feelings about The Patriot Act below.

“Five days,” Paul wrote in a Tuesday message to supporters. “That’s how long you and I have until the U.S. Senate meets in a rare Sunday session on May 31st where surveillance state apologists will do everything they can to RAM through an extension of the so-called ‘PATRIOT Act’s’ ILLEGAL and unconstitutional domestic spying programs. I’m not backing down. I’m not going to compromise. I’m going to stand and fight until the very last moment — regardless of the smears and attacks I face,” Paul wrote in the email.

President Obama suddenly seemed a whole lot less chipper about all the world peace he had ushered in by withdrawing from Iraq. It was almost as if the Arab Spring has raised a bumper crop of mosquitoes and skunk cabbages. The President stressed the urgency of protecting us from all the threats he claimed to have eradicated while seeking his second term in office.

“I strongly urge the Senate to work through this recess and make sure that they identify a way to get this done. Keep in mind that the most controversial provision in there, which had to do with the gathering of telephone exchanges in a single government database — that has been reformed in the USA Freedom Act. But you have a whole range of authorities that are also embodied in the Patriot Act that are non-controversial, that everybody agrees are necessary to keep us safe and secure. Those also are at risk of lapsing. So this needs to get done. And I would urge folks to just work through whatever issues can still exist, make sure we don’t have, on midnight Sunday night, this task still undone, because it’s necessary to keep the American people safe and secure.”

Meanwhile, [mc_name name=’Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner (R-WI)’ chamber=’house’ mcid=’S000244′ ] has stated that the Senate version of The USA Freedom Act might as well be taken out behind the barn and killed with an ax.

“[mc_name name=’Sen. Richard Burr (R-NC)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’B001135′ ]’s proposal to plug the so-called ‘holes’ in the USA FREEDOM Act is dead-on-arrival in the House. His bill is not stronger on national security, it is just much weaker on civil liberties. This is nothing more than a last-ditch effort to kill the USA FREEDOM Act, which passed the House 338-88. If the Senate coalesces around this approach, the result will be the expiration of important authorities needed to keep our country safe,” the Wisconsin Republican said in a statement.

I’m not even entirely sure if Senator Paul is correct in his assessment of The Freedom Act’s problems, but I’m enjoying the fact that The White House is now practically begging the US Senate to protect them from all of their magnificent foreign policy victories. Now Senator Paul should make Barack Obama explain just what these threats are that he needs the USA Freedom Act to save us all from. Let’s hear what ails The Mighty Lightbringer. What threats could still prevail after our smart, wonderful and coruscatingly brilliant Secretary of State John Kerry followed in the hallowed footsteps of Hillary Rodham Clinton’s reset button? I guess Senator Paul is asking us all why we don’t feel more safe these days….