Barack Obama Prepares To Govern The Way Mitt Romney Campaigned

Off To Slay More Private Sector Job Creation
Off To Slay More Private Sector Job Creation

Mitt Romney will never be president. He richly deserves it. His infamous comment “I don’t care about the poor” consigned him to the well-deserved ash-heap of failed American Politicians. I was ecstatic when Romney announced he wasn’t running in 2016. His warped and pathetic values on this are indicative of the Chamber of Commerce, Corporatist Republicans that we need to expunge from getting another presidential nomination. In fact, if you asked Piven and Cloward they would probably tell you that you may not care about the poor, but the poor care very much about you.


Well the guy who claimed he cared about the poor won in 2012. He’s about to demonstrate that his claim was completely and utterly dishonest. He cares about the poor the way a good hunter chucks his dog a hush-puppy. When President Barack Obama grandiloquently and egocentrically makes a fanfare out of vetoing The Keystone Pipeline, he will show his true contempt for the working poor as a group. It’s almost like he’s bothered by them when they actually want to work.

He’s always got another EBT Refill for them as long as those people know his place. He’ll be glad to let his wife Michelle lecture their children about what they should eat for lunch. He’ll never create an environment where the parents could independently earn the money to buy those lunches. Barack Obama likes poor people who remember who Daddy Is. Not their biological daddies – their Daddy.

This is cast as a divisive veto for the party. Barack Obama likes that. It allows him to know who properly defers to him rather than merely associating. Obamacare, regardless of how some more moderate Democrats view its consequences in hindsight; was an absolute success in building the new American Left Barack Obama envisions. Salena Zito describes the extent to which it purged Obama’s ranks of doubters, denialists and heretics.

Just five years ago, 110 pro-life Democrats were in the House, around a dozen in the U.S. Senate. Today, fewer than five are in the House, and two in the Senate. Just five years ago, coincidentally, Democrats held majorities in both chambers. They lost those majorities because they lost touch with their districts.


And that’s just it. Barack Obama cares about the Left. The Dems are just a vehicle. The Dems are a vehicle he’s going to have to return to the airport rental car place in January 2017. If he has it his way, he’ll stiff the dumb buggers and not even bother to gas it back up the way the contract reads he is supposed to.

him unless they get past his private security at his lush Hawaiian retirement estate. Like Mitt Romney, he could truly care less about them.


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