Political Correctness And The Affective Death Spiral

Progressive Self-Image Vs. Reality
Progressive Self-Image Vs. Reality

Trigger Warning: The stereotypical Leftist chimp-out displayed below involves offensive language and could hurt peoples’ *feelings.* (David Thompson)


The Progressives are smarter than anyone else on the campus. They are smarter than anyone in the corporate boardroom, on the coaching staff, on the hospital board of directors and they are way, way, !WAY! smarter than anyone running things up in DC. So they can shout down anyone who says something they don’t like because if a Progressive doesn’t like it; it’s clearly and obviously wrong.

This mindset sarcastically lampooned above ends up having two deleterious impacts. One, the Progressive gets things about as wrong as they can possibly get them wrong, and believes it isn’t possible that they are incorrect. Two; they tend to devour and destroy anyone who isn’t enlightened enough to see it their way.

The website Less Wrong gives us the “Parable of The Believing Communist” to describe the ways in which Progressivism precipitates an Affective Death Spiral that warps the brain.

A believing Communist sees the wisdom of Marx in every hamburger bought at McDonalds; in every promotion they’re denied that would have gone to them in a true worker’s paradise; in every election that doesn’t go to their taste, in every newspaper article “slanted in the wrong direction”. (HT – Less Wrong)

So how does the nasty political correctness that so stained the Underoos of Jonathan Chait recently play a role? It preserves the bubble by mobbing anyone who tries to force an unpleasant intrusion of reality to dissipate the belladonic haze. If a coven of Women’s Studies majors gets told to “man up,” they will not be silent in the face of such violence, they will not be silent in the face of such violence, and they will not be silent…..ARRRGHHH!!!


So the Progressive mentality is a self-licking, dog feces ice cream cone. Every bit of the dogma reinforces the world view from which it springs. This, in turn, becomes more entrenched. This means the guy holding said views thinks it explains everything that Quantum Physics doesn’t. So the worldview is reinforced and it thereby explains even more! Cyclical self-hypnosis at its finest. You can only defeat people like that. There is no way you can argue or compromise with self-assumed perfection. It’s like convincing a green-toothed zombie to try eating scrapple instead of BRAAAAAIIINNZZ!!!!

How do you preserve the delusional heroin-high of having the perfect ideology? You trash anyone who disagrees and take away their right to argue. You will not be silenced in the face of their violence! That totally should be a line from an old George Romero movie. This is because the ultimate effect of an Affective Death Spiral is to take an otherwise intelligent and effective human being and render them the equivalent of a brain-sucking zombie. This is what Progressivism is increasingly doing to people just like the ones in the Portland Anarchist Club in the video atop the post.


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