Switzerland and Syriza

The Common Left Vs The Loaded Left
The Common Left Vs The Loaded Left

I credit the world’s various political leftists for being brilliant at one thing. They have managed to assemble a coalition of interest groups whose vested interests should probably cause them to chase each other around in the street armed with shotguns. Nowhere is that awesome class divide among the left on greater display than in Europe where the Parlor Pinks infest Davos and the Street Marxians have taken electoral power in Greece.


If you were to ask both Jeffrey Greene and newly-minted Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras whether they felt society should be unfettered by larger government or directed for its own good, they would both call for more governance. If you asked either man whether man ruled his destiny through reason or whether there was a higher power, each would privately condemn you as a snake-handling freak from The Westboro Baptist Church for even having to ask such a superstitious question. However, if we locked both Mr. Greene and Mr. Tsipras in the same closet, you could come back a few hours later and only need one bullet to rid the planet of the survivor. No matter how much they may claim to march in eternal fraternity; the Lunch-Bucket Left and the Caviar Elite cannot stand each other and are only united in their mutual execration towards the rest of humanity.

You see American Billionaire Jeffrey Greene has a message for all of us wastrels rolling in our bathtubs of filthy lucre.

“America’s lifestyle expectations are far too high and need to be adjusted so we have less things and a smaller, better existence. We need to reinvent our whole system of life.”

This sounds good to the Limo-Set that will never even come close to experiencing the lifestyle equivalent to a juice-based purging diet. This won’t be palatable to Leftists such as Alexis Tsipris. His far left party Syriza took power in Greece as a rebellion against austerity policies enforced on Greece by The Troika. This Troika consists of the European Union, International Monetary Fund (IMF) and European Central Bank (ECB). Many of the septuagenarian power-brokers nodding their heads and dosing-off to Jeffrey Greene help run organizations included in that Troika. They all claim to pitch Southpaw when it’s somebody else’s assets being redistributed to fight Global Warming or eradicate Dengue Fever.


It’s when the Alex Tsipris’ of the world denounce debts owed to them as odious, that the wealthy elites suddenly instigate a Thermadorian Reaction. This is because every man is your brother until the rent comes due. At that point, the landlord doesn’t acknowledge any sort of family ties. Greece has borrowed well beyond its means and defaulted on their sovereign debt. The people lending the Greeks money do not want to hear about how bad things happened in WWII. Historical victimization will not be a valid excuse to ignore present day interest payments.

So the Greeks have elected a government predicated on thesis that they can enjoy all the benefits of being integrated with the rest of Europe but not have to pick up the tab for the costs. This is classic liberal dishonesty that can be traced back at least to William Jennings Bryan’s campaign to devalue debts by introducing bimetalism.

Jesus may well have told his disciples they should forgive the debts owed to them seven times seventy times. The Troika is composed primarily of high-powered secularists who will instead follow the example set by The Unkind Slave. The EU could ruin Greece within a week. The modern consumerist economy cannot run very long at all without short-term lending at a reasonable rate of interest. People who run up the bar tab worthy of a Band of Huns and then try to stiff the drinking establishment tend to wind up dealing with credit terms that are anything but reasonable.

It is then, when the loggerheads occur that all observers will realize that the alliance fueling the contemporary left is flawed at a core philosophical level. Those who possess power already are only willing to be generous with that which belongs to somebody else. Compare Al Gore’s charitable giving to the level of redistribution from other people he proposed in response to Global Warming. The Greeks allied to Alex Tsipris want everything that people who work very hard and save for long years have acquired, but they want to stiff the people they borrow from to acquire this largess. Right now I would not want to be Alex Tsipris and have to go ask a bunch of people like George Soros if they really mean it when they say they love the Common Man.



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