Larry Flynt Has More Moral Decency Than David Brooks On Charlie Hebdo

USA's Elite Takes A Dive On Fighting Terror
USA’s Elite Takes A Dive On Fighting Terror

So there’s some people like, you know, frankly, this show, we’re at the adult table of conversation. (The other panelists were NBC’s Andrea Mitchell, National Review editor Rich Lowry, New York Times reporter Helene Cooper, and Islamic Monthly editor Arsalan Iftikhar; anti-Islamist writer and activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali was also scheduled but “decided to not appear,” according to Todd). Some people like Ann Coulter, they’re at the kiddie table. Charlie Hebdo, that’s the kiddie table. Let the kiddie table have the kiddie table ’cause sometimes they’ll say things that those of us at the adult table need to hear. Don’t crack down on them. – David Brooks


There are a lot of good reasons to not put your neck in the guillotine. I blog under a pseudonym and thanks to the dapper and talented Brett Kimberlin; I chose to continue to do so. People will say “Ok, fine Mr. Macho-Man. You just do that to save your skin.”

I’m guilty as charged. That skin may have had a few blemishes in my adolescence, but it does cover my body. If David Brooks were to just admit that he is too chicken-feke to publically support Charlie Hebdo in his own given name, I’d get it. He may want to be there in case he and his partner ever adopt kids. But please don’t call the behavior anything other than what it is. Don’t insult 12 guys who just bought the farm to justify gutlessness.

If I were to offer a critical evaluation of Charlie Hebdo; I’d say it’s fairly innocuous, low-brow secular humor. It never even gets close to treating The Prophet Muhammad the way Larry Flint Treated Jerry Falwell*. And in the final analysis, when the bullets fly,** Larry Flynt has more of a spine than David Brooks. Here’s what the King of Porn had to say regarding the French Terror Attack.

Just like Charlie Hebdo, HUSTLER has a long tradition of running parodies, satirical images, and political cartoons. Tragedies like the one in Paris further underscore the importance of free speech and freedom of expression – including satire – and the duty citizens have to fight ideas with ideas, rather than violence. Our thoughts today are with those at Charlie Hebdo. – Larry Flynt


If this is a sample of what Flynt is like when he pulls up his trousers and turns off the smutty DVDs, I’ll have to admit something I kind of hate to admit. Flynt is more qualified to serve as POTUS than a lot of our Washington DC elite. Not so hot on the social issues, mind you, but at least he’d show up for work with a pair of rocks. Hell, maybe we should have sent Larry Flynt to Paris yesterday. He’d enjoy it and he might be capable of more social grace and class than Huey “The Kingfish” Biden.

Which brings us back around to the contemptible David Brooks. I personally have a different taste to my humor than either Charlie Hebdo or Hustler***. However, to suggest that either publication sits at The Kiddie Table is ludicrous. You don’t get sued by leading Evangelical Ministers at The Kiddie Table. You don’t get served the .556 Cal. Death Fry Combo at the Kiddie Table. If David Brooks didn’t famously have perverse tastes; I’d propose spanking him and sending to his room without supper.

*- Flynt famously suggested that Falwell, who was the head of the Moral Majority, got drunk before preaching and that he lost his virginity to his mother in a fly-infested outhouse. –Huffington Post


**-And they literally flew.

***-Even though it’s great American artwork.


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