Against American Monarchy. Prevent The Coronation of Bush III.

Just Say No To Bush III
Just Say No To Bush III

Do you want to know who the GOP Inevitable Candidate™ is at present? A man of breeding and impeccable lineage. He is a man who would follow in predictable succession. We had Bush I from 89-92. We had Bush II from 2001 – to 2008. Now Bush III is the clear and DOMINANT leader in GOP polling that is over a year away from counting. You skip the silly Iowa Straw Poll* and just worship Zod now Republicants.


Now being the irascible crank who actually wanted to watch Rick Perry campaign before endorsing another Guv Dude from Texas,** I’m suggesting we at least hold an audition here. Even Caligula and Nero had to do a little wet work before they were given the nascent Roman Empire to play with. After six years of His Royal 7 Handicap chasing young couples seeking marital union off of properties that include his chosen golf courses; you’d think the people would expect an interview of sorts. If we continue to let the Demopublican political mafia go unchallenged the poor groom will get off lucky if His Majesty doesn’t start demanding jus primae noctis.

Besides, there is a particular clause in that inconvenient document known as the United States Constitution that reads in a rather direct manner.

No Title of Nobility shall be granted by the United States..Article I, Section 9, Final Paragraph.

No US politician has undergone investiture and coronation quite yet; but that isn’t from any lack of effort by Kennedy Worshiper Arthur Schlesinger. The Camelot Myth has lead Americans to repose entirely too much faith and confidence in leading political families. This has given party establishmentarians and their associated interest groups to hitch their wagons to these dynastic families and overwhelm the desires of the people who are supposed to have a voice in a Democratic Republic.


It is time for us to once more declare our independence from Monarchy. It is time to realize that the American version of Post-modern Feudalism is just as bastardly as Mordred D’ Orkney. There are even reasons not to projectile-vomit when Jeb Bush’s record as Duke of Florida is considered in toto. However, the negative externalities afflicting our Constitutional Republic that stem from electing a Bush III within a mere decade of his brother serving are indeed too pernicious for this to be permitted. It is time to put Mitt Romney’s “Don’t worry about the poor” Republicanism to the manor born in it’s cold and final grave. We start this process by destroying his His Nibs, High Prince Jeb Bush in the GOP Primaries in early 2016.

*-Whoops. Didn’t mean to argue on Bush League III’s behalf there.

**-See Bush II.


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