Why Shoot Up The School In Pakistan? Because Terrorism Works Like Hell

Just in case you had forgotten what a horrible sack full of human beings President George W. Bush once declared the Global War on Terror to snuff out, the Taliban has graciously offered us a reminder. If they were just a wee bit more media savvy; they could have had Alice Cooper jamming to “School’s Out” in the background as they shot up a school in Pakistan. The maraschino cherry atop the carnage sundae involved the perverted end zone dance performed by the soul-dead killers.


Taliban terrorists allegedly burned a teacher alive and made the students watch during their attack on a Pakistan school which left over 130 people dead.

How can this be described as intelligence? How is this going to gain the Taliban market share anywhere with a higher elevation than Hell? This stuff is sick and here you are, RMJ, writing about it the way Internet pedophiles review their favorite snuff movies. What gives?

Me so sawwy, Jim Rico. I’m just saying ironically what a lot of people on The Post-modern American Left mean sincerely and believe deep down in their bones. John C. Wright described the moral phenomenon so prevalent among Progressive Leftists*.

The Left loved the Communists killing countless millions of innocent people both because they love the idea of corpses piled up so high that they blacken the sun, and because the Communists were foes of Christianity and civilization. But the Reds were civilized themselves enough to want things like running water and food and life, and so were unwilling to ignite a nuke and bring about the final and utter semisexual craving of the Left, which is obliteration. The Jihad are far more attractive, because they are vile, violent, and dishonorable on every level.

And lest you think that the dupes, traitors and Wallaby parlor pinks excusing Mon Haron Monis’ horrid crime spree in Australia are unique, this is something the Left has done for lo the decades. The 1974 Neil Young album On The Beach was never one that showed up on the playlist very often for The King Biscuit Flour Hour. Perhaps the track “Revolutionary Blues” that paid a suitably left-handed guitar pick homage to Charles Manson had something to do with this rational aversion. “…well I hear that Laurel Canyon is full of famous stars …but I hate them worse than lepers, and I’ll kill them in their cars “ How quaint. I’m sure five Talibani felt the same about the military officers when they lined up all their children and shot them.


It’s a good thing Crazy Charlie carved the swastika in his own nose with a jailhouse shank. Otherwise the Neil Young Left would feel conflicted of soul when the parole board refuses to let Crazy Charlie spend his Honeymoon in Cancun. So what type of human being degrades themselves by marrying Ol’ Grimshanks Charlie? The same type of human being who stands up in a court room with a straight face and announces that Man Haron Monis was “without a single blur” on his character** and had been “preaching peace”. The same type of person who travels to Russia with a New York Times expense account and winds up calling Comrade Stalin Uncle Joe.

9-11 worked like hell. It was operationally, tactically and strategically brilliant. Osama Bin Ladin understood how to psychologically troll the Post-modern American Leftist long before Jonathan Chait took to the pages of the then-New Republic and made their mental disorders explicit. So if Chait-like hatred for The Man consumes you, Charles Manson makes you kind of Chuckle. I mean if Andy Kaufman were a serial killer, he’d have thought of the swastika-nose first.

If you still really think The Evil CheneyBushMcHitlerburton deserved Chimpeachment you forgive not. If you have to think a wee bit to differentiate Rick Santorum from Muqtada Al-Sadr because they both, you know, represent The Patriarchy; then seeing The Taliban repudiate The Bushhitler is wonderful.

Admit it, Lefty. Hearing that The Taliban set a teacher on fire and made the students watch her burn gave you a thrill down the leg worthy of Chris Matthews. And it’s because that passive-aggressive thrill ran down your evil, despicable leg that terrorism against the United States of America is a genuinely intelligent decision. It’s because of that thrill down your leg that terrorism works like hell.


*-Because nothing ever screamed “Progress!” at the heart of the world quite like The Bulgarian Communist Party or the Iranian Hostage Takers.

**-The hypocrisy! Al Gore showed a similar sterling character and got denounced as a crazed sex poodle. Whence the double standard?


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