Fifty Shades of Bull - Lena Dunham, UVA and The Rape Accusation-Industrial Complex

Founder of The Rape Accusation-Industrial Complex
Founder of The Rape Accusation-Industrial Complex

Three things happen when false rape accusations are mass-marketed for fun, profit and social justice. Political expediency is served. Lives get destroyed and liars pocket the proceeds. It’s a win-win situation – unless you’re the poor son-of-sea-biscuit sent out into the dessert as a scapegoat for the supposed sins of The Patriarchy. We see a textbook example of how this works in the execrable case of Lena Dunham’s dishonest personal memoir. A similar sort of imaginative literature was also recently published by Rolling Stone Magazine about UVA.


The current media economic demand for false rape accusations and consequent men to geld stems from the current sick fascination our culture has with misandry. By making her blatantly fictional rape at the hands of “Barry” the campus Republican the centerpiece of her book, Lena Dunham raked in lucre far beyond that which her otherwise utterly mediocre talents would justify. Brietbart describes the hoopla below.

After receiving a reported $3.7 million advance, Dunham’s memoir hit bookshelves in September with a publicity blitz usually reserved for conquering generals returning to ancient Rome. On top of the usual network television appearances and glossy magazine profiles, Dunham’s book tour not only sold out in places, but scalped tickets reportedly sold for as high as $900

As for Barry, he supposedly attended Oberlin College at the same time Dunham did and here are all the roguish and vile things of which he is accused. It’s NSFW graphic. I edit her puerile profanities.

When I was young, I read an article about a ten-year-old girl who was raped by a stranger on a dark road. … And I never forgot this story, but I didn’t remember until many days after Barry (Expletive) me. (Expletive) me so hard that the next morning I had to sit in a hot bath to soothe myself. Then I remembered.

And then there’s his ill-mannered social graces and also a scene that she forgot to footnote from American Psycho.


There was a story of him punching a girl in the boobs at a party. …
[M]y friend Melody tells me that once her friend Julia woke up the morning after sex with Barry, and the wall was spattered with blood. Spattered, she said, “like a crime scene.” But he was nice and took her for the morning-after pill and named the baby they weren’t having.

And just what does this all accomplish politically? Well, it pushes a victimization narrative. It forces a “conversation.” A conversation about what? How to take more rights and privileges away from men who supposedly dominate women under the auspices of an unscrupulous patriarchy. Does anyone seriously believe Lena Dunham or Rolling Stone Magazine? Who cares? #WARONWOMEN!!!!!!.

Another factor that makes the disingenuous process at work here more obvious is the increasingly predictable commonality in these work-to-standard false rape accusations. There must be a manual for writing these things out there. It could be entitled Fifty Shades of Bull.

(1) Introduce a young, pure innocent girl with a hopeless attraction to the Christian Gray type of man.* Someone who is identified as being well-connected, truly rich, and Gad Zooks! – Possibly even a Rethuglican!
(2) The rape has to be absolutely dominant and sadistic. The poor, defiled heroine has to sit in the bathtub for hours to make the pain go away (a la Dunham). She has to be pulling the shards of broken glass out of her ripped and scarred skin (See Rolling Stone Magazine).
(3) The accused man is generally identifiable. In The UVA creative writing selection Megan McArdle pointed out that at least two of the accused rapists should have been easily identifiable. Lena Dunham’s novel gives ten characteristics of “Barry” that should make it fairly easy to pull this guy into the nearest precinct for a fun evening of coffee and compurgation.
(4) At no time are either the alleged rapist, or the accuser ever put in a situation where they have to testify to the details of the rape under oath in a court of law.
(5) Nobody ever gets punished for either being a violent, deranged sexual pervert or for being a lying Jezebel authoring false and destructive accusations. The entire point of the exercise is to make society pay instead.


Now in order for there to be a vast and vibrant market for any good and service a higher purpose has got to be served. Let’s look at the important things that we get from having all those false rape accusations out there dominating the media sphere.

(1) Careers can be made! Look at the return on investment that Al Sharpton has gotten out of his profitable collaboration with Tawana Brawley. (Crystal Mangum and Mike NiFong met with less success. Read the prospectus carefully before investing!)
(2) Evil men are made to live in fear! The Breitbart story has lead “Barry” to remove his online presence and lawyer up to protect himself. Mike Pressler, the Coach of The Duke Lacrosse team, had his property vandalized and was forced to resign from his job. Male students on the team were given failing grades threatened in a totally awesome fashion. Take that you vile, cis-gendered patriarchy!
(3) Other men who feel any sense of guilt for how they have treated or related to women can transfer this onto the scapegoat. They get to feel better and suffer no consequences whatsoever for their own misdeeds and shortcomings.

So how is this evil industry put out of business? Easy to say, but hard to do. It requires great courage on the part of “Barry” and on the part of the UVA fraternity members identifiable from The Rolling Stone Article. They have to turn themselves into the authorities and demand that they be immediately placed under arrest and put on public trial for the rapes they are accused of. They then have to demand that their accusers and anyone who aided and abetted them, be subpoenaed and put on the stand, under oath, under legal threat of perjury should they lie, and have to testify.


Rape is a felony crime. Rape should be a felony crime. Accused rapists should be tried in a court of law where a conviction puts them away for several years. Accused rapists should stand trial so that if they are acquitted; they are freed from double jeopardy. Trial by media and Twitterverse has only allowed a foul industry where dishonest people can make fortunes and ruin others through dishonest, fabricated rape accusations. Pray for the next poor woman who really has been raped but who gets accused of being the next Tawana Brawley or Lena Dunham.

*-White, rich and amoral.


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