Against Mere Moderation: Liz Warren Needs To Run For POTUS

I'd Cry To If I Were Represented By Lieawatha
I’d Cry To If I Were Represented By Lieawatha

Scott Conroy of RealClearPolitics tells us that it is time to eschew all moderation and enter [mc_name name=’Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’W000817′ ] in the Presidential Sweepstakes for 2016! Hillary can try to fondle people’s anxieties, but Liz Warren totally gets it. It takes something unique and special to look authentic while being an artificial minority. But anyway, Mr. Conroy assures us that four reasons should compel Fake Indian to make a real campaign out of the 2016 Democratic Nomination.


She fits the national mood. No Democrat speaks as passionately and as effectively about issues related to income inequality, lack of functional governance, and the declining American middle class as Warren does. And during a campaign season in which Democrats had little to get excited about, her fist-pumping, high-decibel, populist harangues got crowds fired up wherever she went.

Yep, as a guy who prefers seeing his Democratic Senators die on the muddy plains of No-Man’s Land like hapless WWI infantry soldiers, I’m all about having a Harvard Law Prof who faked her ethnicity to get hired under an affirmative action quota come guest-lecture the rest of us about how unfair the job market is. Conroy goes on to tell us Hillary is not the inevitable Democratic Party nominee. This is accurate. She only partially represents the true moral rot that is Post-modern Progressivism.

Liz Warren does Progressivism the way Wendy “Abortion Barbie” Davis does brutal, acquisitive self-promotion. It doesn’t get more accurately progressive than to have an utterly unqualified and falsely-credentialed elitist from Harvard tell the rest of us what she will condescendingly do for the Middle-Class once she’s elected Monarch. To hear Scott Conroy tell it, all six of the people who don’t watch MSNBC on Election Night out of spite are already aware of this. ”Though Warren has already become a cult hero among many left-leaning activists, rank-and-file Democrats who aren’t political junkies just don’t know her all that well yet.”


We are also informed that someone has to do it. That sounds about right to me. Based on those qualification standards; RMJ will be signing off from the RS Front Page. I have Democratic Presidential Campaign to organize. I can say pretty dumb things at times, but I can also stand right next to Joe Biden and have those malapropisms misattributed. Martin O’Malley, Joe Biden, Hillary and Jim Webb, Piggletystix!! Go with Senator Lieawatha. It’s dishonest quota system manipulation that makes jobs in America!

And lastly Mr. Conroy tells us a truism about the life of every technocratic, paper-pushing hack in the managerial state. She has little to lose and everything to gain. It’s pretty much the logic Willie Sutton used when asked why he went around robbing banks. If unearned power is the true currency of America’s Left then The White House is where the money is.

In the end Scott Conroy loses buoyancy and returns to terra firma rather than escaping Earth’s gravity well. He knows Liz Warren would probably lose. So do I. But when the War on Women™ ends up with the other side electing Mia Love to Congress, why not try the war on men instead? Why else would I encourage her if not for the farcical spectacle that would ensue when she and Hillary competed to demonstrate which reptile was more warm-blooded? And if she loses? We’ve still got the perfect Democratic Party ticket to represent the Progressive Wing of the Party: Gutierrez – Quotahontus 2016!



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