Barack Obama: The Concern-Troll of The 1%

Big Money Donors Are Leaning to The Left
Big Money Donors Are Leaning to The Left

On the same polo field where Britain’s Prince Harry played the Sport of Kings during a goodwill tour of the U.S., President Barack Obama helicoptered to Connecticut’s Gold Coast on Tuesday on Marine One for a VIP fundraising dinner to help Senate Democrats try to protect their slim majority in the midterm elections. – Connecticut Post


Barack Obama has traveled to a new place. He has gone beyond – parody, that is. It was during his jolly auld $10/K per plate fundraising dinner at the palatial estate of Rich Richman.* He sat back, basking in sybaritic satiation. Perhaps he burped. Then, like the Internet concern-troll of a human being that he is; President Obama told us how he really felt about class inequality in America.

“If Republicans win, we know who they’ll be fighting for. Once again, the interests of billionaires will come before the needs of the middle class.”

You can tell from the badly skewed fundraising numbers for the 2014 Election Cycle. Go to, type in Tom Steyer, and play around for a bit. You’ll see just how heavily the billionaires lean when they donate.

Out of the 207 individuals or organizations donating $150,000 or more, one party gets 2.25 as much money as the other. This skew gets more perniciously pronounced as we look at the Top Ten political donors (47% of the actual cash given in large bundles). Here one group of plutocratic plunderers of the populace got seven times as much as the other side. And at the top of the pyramid, in the rarified air of the Iniquitous 1% (27% of the big donations), we see one side getting 99% and the other just 1%.

So obviously, President Barack “Marat” Obama wishes to smite this party that got all of this greedy, grubby, filthy lucre from these vile and slimy rich people. Obviously, our Justice-Giver For The Under Privileged, Our Provider For The Poor, Our Enabler of The Differently-Abled, President Barack Obama hates….The Dem…RIIIIIIIPPPP!!!!!


Yep, that’s right. The billionaires buy their statist interference from the Democrats. They do so by an overwhelming margin. When Barack Obama accuses other people of serving the rich, he’s fuller of fertilizer than a honey wagon. His dishonest populist shtick is grotesque in its denial of obvious reality. He reminds me of the ubiquitous poster to Conservative Blogs who starts out with “I have always supported Real Conservatives but this time I’m worried….” Barack Obama is a grown man, elected President and still playing the puerile roll of The Internet Concern Troll. Cry the beloved country that this man is trusted with any significant professional responsibility.

*-I originally thought that name was about as real Chest Rockwell or Dick Diver. But no….It’s just how The Big O rolls. The Bear is loose.


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