The Candidate I Hope the Dems Run in 2016: Luis V. Gutierrez

Let's See How Much This Differs From The GOP
Let’s See How Much This Differs From The GOP

It’s amazing the distance Leftward of rational thought that committed Progressives are willing to travel to find and recruit their own personal Anti-Hillary. They seem to like the DNC about as much as I and several of our other Front Page Contributors at Redstate like the RNC. Today the meme amongst the Progressive Unwashed seems to be that Hillary has a Hispanic problem. Perhaps this can be differentiated from her bigger, more obvious American problem. This would be particularly differentiable if the Hispanics with whom she had a problem with were the fellow-travelers of [mc_name name=”Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL)” chamber=”house” mcid=”G000535″ ].


Stung by President Obama’s on-again, off-again attitude on immigration, one prominent activist is launching a Draft Gutierrez petition designed to convince Rep. Luis V. Gutierrez, an Illinois Democrat, to run for president in 2016 as an independent.

They will march and run their own Latino candidate for POTUS. I sincerely hope they do and strongly encourage the Dems to co-opt him right back onto LBJ’s Liberal Democrat plantation. Not just for how it would make the DNC squirm, but also because I want to see how it impacts the GOP primary field in 2016.

I want to hear precisely what Governor Jeb Bush, Governor Chris Christie or Senator Lindsay Graham actually disagree with Luis V. Gutierrez on. Once they’ve “told all the bigots to shut up”, I’d be curious as to what they intend to say about interdicting contraband, stopping the spread of viruses or preventing exploitation and human smuggling by ISIS. It’s hard to stop these things from taking place across a border that you essentially don’t believe should exist as an enforceable legal entity.

So I encourage the Dems to encourage Congressman Gutierrez. Let’s get a candidate into the national debate, who unabashedly hates the entire idea of border security. Let’s put a voice out there and crank the amps all the way to 11 to announce in total seriousness that the United States of America commits an act of oppressive evil by daring to enforce a national border and only selectively allow entry into our land.


It will be fun seeing how many leading GOP politicians and activists can honestly and sincerely disagree with this particular point view. It will be fun seeing whether the money and glamour that still remains attached to the GOP brand will allow the desire for open borders to be directly opposed by a GOP candidate for higher office. Or maybe Luis V. Gutierrez will be like the MOAB of Wake-Up Bombs. The Rovian cockroaches will scurry and “W” will be the last President Bush America has in my lifetime.

So no, let’s not tell the bigots to shut up. Let’s have them support Luis V. Gutierrez for President. Having him discuss what he truly feels about the WASP Middle Class of the United States of America would be like engaging Benito Mussolini in an honest and sincere dialogue about the Jews. Sometimes a hateful candidate who speaks with total honesty can educate an electorate far more than the spin-doctors and the spoilsmen would ever feel comfortable with.


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