No, The DoD Did Not Invent AIDS And Ebola.


The powerful and the wealthy nations of history have always been blamed for far more than their fair share of the world’s iniquities. From Xerxes, to Constantine to Gladstone and on forward to even George W. Bush, anyone in charge of the most powerful nation on the planet gets wrongfully blamed for all the things that go wrong. President Barack Obama now gets his turn in the line of fire. According to Dr. Cyril E. Broderick, Sr, the United States weaponized Ebola and is testing it out on the populations of sub-Saharan Africa. (Yes, this feke is utterly ridiculous and requires a link to establish credence). Dr. Broderick calls The United States a nation of sadistic genocidiers below:


Reports narrate stories of the US Department of Defense (DoD) funding Ebola trials on humans, trials which started just weeks before the Ebola outbreak in Guinea and Sierra Leone. The reports continue and state that the DoD gave a contract worth $140 million dollars to Tekmira*, a Canadian pharmaceutical company, to conduct Ebola research. This research work involved injecting and infusing healthy humans with the deadly Ebola virus.

This evil propagation of a new Leyenda Negra to blacken the name of America throughout history would be bad enough, but the United States has recently deployed 3,000 soldiers to help contain the recent outbreak of Ebola. We now have the largest newspaper in Monrovia accusing us of using their population as a germ laboratory. This is on top of the ignorance and rife speculation that already existed before. The Economist describes the level of cynical deracination already rampant where the epidemic rages.

Some Sierra Leoneans say they fear that the government wants to sell the blood of Ebola patients, or that it will remove patients’ limbs for ritual purposes. Others think health workers will inject them with Ebola; or that the ubiquitous chlorine disinfectant spray will give them the disease; or simply that the virus is an invention to help the government bring in donations.


So this self-aggrandizing, publicity-seeking idiot has joined a long history of conspiracy nuts. I mean The San Jose Mercury told us all about how The CIA and The Contras invented Crack Cocaine. Perhaps he was even inspired by Dr. Ward Churchill** who called the victims of The 9-11 Attacks “Little Eichmanns.” Like the people who were claiming the FBI helped the Tsarneavs bomb the Boston Marathon, these people probably only know about Crack Cocaine from getting high off of their own supply. However, these people do have their deleterious effect on everything that the sane and rational try to do to make the world a better place.

As the United States spends $M750 and risks the lives of its Army Doctors to save people from this scourge, the hateful and shameless publicity seekers peddle their Black Legend of American perfidy. Neither Richard Preston nor Stephen King claimed that their novels on similar themes were anything but fictional works of literature. King in no way intended The Stand as a basis for impeaching Jimmy Carter.

The Dr. Brodericks of the world, as utterly ridiculous as they are, present us with a genuine malice. If The Big Lie gets repeated enough, it gets woven into the background and accepted as truth. The time to mock this man, the time to refute him in detail is now. Having grown up in Richmond, VA, I still remember seeing signs all over certain parts of Richmond accusing Oliver North of having brought Crack Cocaine into the US during a tightly contested 1994 Senatorial Election. The conspiracy theories sound ridiculous but people believe them and are led to some very bad places when they do.


*-Tekmira is attempting to treat, not spread Ebola. I figured I’d correct that typo for Dr. Broderick.
**-Perhaps he inspired Elizabeth Warren as well…


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