So What If The Junior Varsity ISIS Wins?

Iowahawk On Iraq
Iowahawk On Iraq

Image Credit: David Burge via The American Digest

The truth comes to President Barack Obama gradually. It seeps in through his delusions of adequacy in quantum waveforms. One small packet of wavelets penetrates the smug cloud after another. We see a prime example of this in how he’s handled the predictable chaos in Iraq after His Eminence washed his hands of Mr. Bush’s Evil War in 2011 and left the new Iraq to twist in the wind. We were first treated to the rhetorical promise of a “sovereign, stable and self-reliant Iraq, with a representative government.” Then we had an Iraq with some minor problems that had to deal with what Barack Obama termed “The JV Team.” Then the JV started beheading Christians and telling them to convert to Islam by Noon Tomorrow or die. If things get any worse, they might waterboard someone.


Since no referee has stepped up to flag these boisterous youths for facemasking or unnecessary roughness, His Eminence has taken it upon himself to start arming the Kurdish Peshmerga and launching airstrikes against ISIS. Oh, and gone from His Eminence’s rhetoric is any phony-bologna promises about it taking “Days Not Weeks.” Instead; our President sucked on the Dark Enlightenment like a Dog-Puke Slurpee and told us the following regarding the activities of US Aircraft Carriers in The Persian Gulf.

News of the latest round of airstrikes came as Obama declined to provide a timetable for U.S. airstrikes and humanitarian aid drops in Iraq. “I don’t think we’re going to solve this problem in weeks,” the President told reporters in televised remarks, while at the same time reiterating a vow that no U.S. combat troops will join the fight.

While it is nice of President Van Winkle to arise from the nap and take action, it’s not as if he’s completely awake yet. That event will occur when he realizes that he simply doesn’t have enough bomb trucks handy to lead this fight against the crazies from behind. Fellow Front-Pager Streiff makes a compelling case that ISIS has more nut-jobs than the USN has ordnance handy. Oh, and what Iraqi government are we supposed to be supporting again? Eventually either Jake or Alphonse will have to explain to his Eminence that Valerie Jarrett’s Iranian handlers are not happy with the results of the US Air War. Barack Obama will have a decision teed up before him that will not allow for any mulligan. Stated bluntly “Mr. President should you or should you not order the 82nd Airborne to insert itself into Iraq and commence Medium-Intensity Combat Operations aimed at destroying ISIS?”


Assuming Barack Obama angrily demands the head of Abu-Bakr Al Baghdadi in a basket a la John The Baptist, things will get painful. American soldiers will come home in coffins. ISIS will make bloody well sure the funerals will have to be closed-casket. Any Iraqis who even give the appearance of supporting American Military personnel will be crucified. ISIS will deliberately deploy personnel and assets mindful of how they can assure the highest level of civilian carnage in any confrontation between themselves and the US Military. America will be denounced at the UN, on CNN and on every major US College or University campus as a daily routine. The Iranian Imams will no longer have to pray “Death to America.” They can outsource that to the faculty and staff of Cal Berkeley.

Assuming Barack Obama accepts defeat and won’t send in the 82nd; things could get really bad, really fast. ISIS has defeated The Peshmerga in battle and is currently holding the whip hand on the ground and in the trenches in Northern Iraq. Some in His Eminence’s groveling media have even had the unmitigated gall to suggest that “Foreign Policy is No Longer Barack Obama’s Strong-Suit.” So if the 82nd doesn’t go in, a humanitarian catastrophe occurs. Turkey, quite possibly, will invade and conquer much of Northern Iraq and Syria. Iran will move into Eastern Iraq with similar intentions. ISIS will predictably respond by executing or putting to flight anyone who could serve as sympathizers to either Tehran or Istanbul.


Then, after several hundred-thousand in Iraq have died while Nero dithered, the consequences will manifest themselves in America. Oil and gasoline will become massively more expensive. Price shocks will propagate into Electricity and then fertilizer. One year later, the enhanced costs of production and transport will bleed into the cost of food, clothing and any other staple product produced from agricultural raw materials. Even if ISIS never succeeds in striking the US Homeland militarily, they see you in New York, and any other place people go to shop for food, petroleum or clothing. Barack Obama will leave office the same way George W. Bush left office – with a ruined economy and failed Iraq policy hung around his neck like the rotting carcass of an albatross.



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