Jesse Jackson and Why We Should Not “Just Find” $4Bn “For The Children.”

Poor Rev. Jesse Jackson. Chicago, Il is too violent for him. Therefore somebody needs to “just find” $4Bn. It’s for the children. He explains below.

“If we can find $4 billion for those children — and we should — we can find $2 billion for Chicago. There are more children involved, and more have been killed, and more have been shot,” said Jackson.


Those children happen to be recent illegal immigrants who were falsely promised US citizenship by US President, Barack Obama. Their parents just had to drop them off here at Sam’s Daycare Center and we’d all pick up the tab. These children suffer from lice, foot-and-mouth disease and could completely reinvigorate previously dormant epidemic illnesses such as tuberculosis. President Barack Obama has successfully created a humanitarian nightmare in the Southwestern United States. So now John Boehner has to “just find” $4Bn to clean this up.

Except that nobody “just finds” money. You can’t just get rid of the Dorito crumbs and sand and find it under a sofa cushion. Money is earned, borrowed or stolen. Make no mistake, this is a bailout. It is TARP for the politically foolish rather than the financially incompetent. It is throwing away money to clean up after a disastrous executive decision, by a disengaged and ideologically hyper-driven failure of a US President.

The $4Bn bailout bankrolls the risk of bad decision analysis. Its moral hazard worthy of Hank Paulson and it will only encourage further efforts to subvert federal laws and then pass the cost of the consequences to the rest of us. But we are going to have to spend money on this. Reality has forced us to play a terrible hand.

Of course spending $1.7Bn of the $4Bn to permanently house people who violated our laws to come here in the first place will only encourage more. John Boehner and The House GOP need to reprogram this money so that it is spent on medical treatment, environmental remediation and compassionate, yet speedy, repatriation of all of these people to their countries of origin. We do not need to let Barack Obama claim an emergency in order to bankroll a violation of our nation’s laws that he as POTUS personally helped encourage in the first place.


The recent rhetoric from Rev. Jackson is an ultimate tell. When “The King of Beers” decides to enter an issue, he’s there to get in on the action. It is a sign that the canary has died from being sent down the mineshaft. Nobody alive “just finds” money like Reverend Jackson. If we get made to “just find” money for “the children” on this, we’ll have to “just find” money time and time again. There won’t be much left on the carcass beyond bones and emunctories. This fight is about even more than the complete and utter subversion of our citizenship rights and immigration laws.


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