So What If Goldman-Sachs Just “Lost” 7 Hard Drives Athwart A Major Investigation?

In Case The IRS Was Wondering...
In Case The IRS Was Wondering…

“..we know that not only her hard drive, but six other people intimately involved in this suddenly crashed in an amazing miraculous coincidence. Religions have been founded on less..”-George Will. (HT:Doug Ross)


I’m not terribly sure of George Will’s theology here, but he does make a point that can be roughly supported regarding the probability of 7 simultaneous and convenient hard drive failures. Assuming a 2 to 3 year life for a hard drive, the monthly likelihood of 1 drive failing is 1 in 24 to 1 in 36. The likelihood that 7 specific hard drives fail, without the aid of a bludgeon and a vat of battery acid, would be equal to somewhere between (1/24)^7 to (1/36)^7.* That equals 0.000000022% to 1.27609349443829E-09%. When the probabilistic likelihood of an event crucial to someone’s explanation of an unpleasant circumstance hovers between 0.22 in a Billion and 1 in a Trillion of actually having happened a certain skepticism would be the hallmark of an open and functional mind.

So yea, verily, I know, you know, CNN knows, Woodward and Bernstein and anyone else with a viable pulse all know good and well that the IRS is lying through its vampire fangs. So what is anyone going to do about it? Before answering this question, let’s address another one. If Goldman-Sachs were being investigated for mortgage security fraud that potentially contributed to vast financial harm accruing to people during a massive housing crash, then what would you want to see happen to Lloyd Blankfein? If you’d like to re-read some of your H.P. Lovecraft horror novels and get back to me with a more inspired imagination, I could totally understand.


So here’s the basic state of play here. The IRS is lying, the media knows the IRS is lying, any registered Democrat with an IQ greater than 16 knows the IRS is lying and yet, barring a massive transfer of power to the GOP during next Fall’s Midterm Election, there will not be Jack done about this intolerable and blatant dishonesty. Government exists to bribe and b*llsh*t the governed. The United States is increasingly like the Town of Poisonville in Daschle Hammet’s novel Red Harvest. As long as the fat envelopes get passed out to just enough of the people, ethics and decency do not even matter. There’s no secret cover-up. These people are open, disrespectful and blatant in their flagrant disrespect for the law except when it can be weaponized against their political opponents.

If anyone in current coup government in DC cared about revealing what was on those hard drives; the data would be available in two weeks flat. The American Orwell State can tap into any cell phone that isn’t a temporary burner bought at Wal-Mart and replaced within a couple of days via the NSA. Anything you put on a social network can go straight from “Do No Evil” Google to the hands of the Central Scrutinizer. The IRS is training para-military SWAT teams to collect back taxes with AR-15s. Even if, mirabile dictu, all seven of the hard drives containing what Al Gore would undoubtedly describe as “inconvenient truth” were to crash and burn, any data contained thereupon would be rapidly recoverable in anyone with real power here wanted it found. If this were Goldman-Sachs, the Federal Government would be waterboarding investment bankers in their $2,000 business suits and ripping off fingernails to get to this data.


*If you’re not mathematically inclined, that would equal somewhere on the continuum of “not bloody likely” to “fuggedabowdit!”


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