Hillary The Symbol Vs. Hillary The Politician

Our Next Dear Leader!
Our Next Dear Leader!

Hillary Rodham Clinton has about a 60% chance of being the next President of The United States of America.* and a 40% chance of never getting elected to office again. As an icon to the Progressive Left she is unbeatable in almost any Presidential Match-up against a GOP candidate. As a living, breathing candidate; I’d be more afraid of Huey “The Kingfish” Biden** or Governor Gaydar. As a living symbol of the Progressive-Media Complex, Hillary takes the 2016 race by 150 Electoral Votes. To prevent this; emphasize both her actual record and her actual words.


Much of the Upper Middle Class and Nouveau Riche think in terms of symbols. It comes with how many of them work. It is a weakness of those who work primarily with their minds rather than with their hands and with data rather than flesh-and-blood human beings. Symbols are powerful and leverage the efforts involved in this sort of work. It’s the world inhabited by people like Hillary Rodham Clinton. Here her powers reach their apex. As The Wronged Woman or The Crusader for Feminine Equality, she demands your respect and support. It’s what The Thinking People believe in. Disagree with your bettors and you will be made to care. This is the unfortunate dark side of information and wealth asymmetry in Post-modern America.

Yet Icons can always be inverted against their wielders. This is because these icons deliberately work based on creating an auto-biographical caricature that misrepresents the actual human being running for office. From Wronged Woman, you invert it and get The Weak, Entitled Princess. The Crusader for Feminine Equality becomes The Cynical Diversity Matron demanding that everyone “check their privilege”. And when someone deliberately turns off the sense that they are a human being instead of a symbol, they win or lose on the basis of symbolic identity associated with their name. (S)he who lives by the Icon dies by it.

The Wronged Woman emerges from Bill’s Dress-Mess with head held high and filled with the wisdom that comes from surviving life’s long, dark tea-time of the soul. The Weak, Entitled Princess feels dead-broke over cash flow issues while still having the equivalent of $20 Million in family assets on hand. The Weak, Entitled Princess then sees no choice but to demand $200,000 speaking fees for 45 minutes of her vast wit and wisdom. It behooves anyone running against Hillary to show the American Voter the Weak, Entitled Princess every time the Progressive-Media Propaganda Complex brings out its Mao-like Icons of Hillary The Wronged Woman. If this iconic inversion succeeds then nobody will feel sorry for poor, little Senator and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.


Hillary’s Crusader for Feminine Equality makes us all attend mandatory celebrations each time she receives another promotion at work. She wasn’t just another New York Senator, or Secretary of State. She was a trailblazer. The Crusader for Feminine Equality is that lovable, scrappy underdog that we are all REQUIRED to root for. If this Icon stays intact, anyone who dares vote against Hillary! wages a War on Women by the binder-full. So this fake image must be inverted to display how the lovable underdog is just another typical female canine. Her “what difference does it make?” comment should be hung around her neck. President “what difference does it make?” is about as good for America as King “Apres moi le deluge” was for France. The Crusader is at least supposed to give a rat’s rear-end. Her store about her defense of a child rapist below shows just the sort of callous, uncaring, legal hired-gun attitude that nukes any sort of a Crusader archetype.

Hillary will be very hard to defeat in 2016. Her iconography will be broadcast and trumpeted by the biased progressive media at every opportunity. She will be portrayed as both a victim and a crusader. Her real life activities reveal a Spoiled, Entitled Grifter and an Uncaring Cynical Solipsist. Americans cast emotional, sympathetic votes for victims and crusaders but vote in condign disgust against solipsistic parasites. The GOP challenge in 2016 is to strip away the symbolic iconography and show America who Hillary Rodham Clinton truly is.


*-Survivalists should plan accordingly.
**-Hey, he’s been to a 7-11.


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