The Downton Abbey Democrats And The New American Class War

When Adam Delved and Eve Span, Who Then Was The Gentleman?
When Adam Delved and Eve Span, Who Then Was The Gentleman?

Sing ye the noble praises of sustainability, equality and diversity! They are wonderful Post-Modern virtues that wealthy, upscale, SWPL liberals inflict on anyone other than themselves. When we speak of sustainability, we take things away from people. Al Gore’s private jets and heated swimming pools get sustained. Your heating bills go through the roof. When we speak of equality, we cancel the honors classes in Berkeley, CA Public High Schools so that some groups don’t feel unequal. The President’s kids at Sidwell Friends are…you guessed it, different. And when we speak of diversity, we shed a tear for Trayvon Martin, while blocking Affirmative-Action programs that target people that look too much like ourselves. So when liberals gripe about resource depletion, social inequality or a lack of diversity worthy of an Ezra Klein media start-up, they are lying. They are lying to keep you oppressed and in your place. As King Richard famously said “Villains ye were, villains ye remain!”


Colleague Moe Lane lays out the Yupscale, Liberal Greens who use environmental restrictions the way previous generations used zoning regulations to keep the Hookworm-Heeled Rednecks sequestered over at the Darlington NASCAR track. He rightly conveys the Democratic Politicos’ fears that the peasants will get all uppity at having their heating and A/C priced well beyond normal means. John Podesta is quite logical, quite practical and quite wrong as he totally misses the point below.

“If you oppose all fossil fuels and you want to turn that switch off tomorrow, that is a completely impractical way of moving toward a clean-energy future,” Podesta told reporters during a roundtable discussion at the White House. “With all due respect to my friends in the environmental community, if they expect us to turn off the lights and go home, that’s sort of an impractical suggestion,” he added

Environmentalism, as practiced by The Downton Abbey Democrats, has nothing to do with Ecological viability. The Snail Darter is public policy bait. The point of Modern Democratic Party Environmentalism is to practice rampant economic exclusion while cloaking their iniquity behind a Potemkin of benign intent. The exclusiveness and the destruction of wealth associated with the modern environmental activism is no accident. They see it as a feature, not a bug. It’s how the SWPL Left gets rid of those who are not their kind. They totally ARE expected to turn off their lights and go die as far as the Environmental Left is concerned.


Education is another way in which the barricades are erected to keep the peasants down in Modern America. Nowhere is the effort by wealthy, well-connected Americans to wall themselves off from the rest of society more obvious than in New York City, where Mayor de Blasio is looking to eradicate Charter Schools.

“This has to be the saddest day for the Success Academy’s children, family, teachers, school leaders,” (Eva) Moskowitz said after meeting with stunned charter parents in Harlem. “Right now, our kids are being evicted. Evicted out of their school. It’s wrong and we need an explanation. You’re going to have to ask Mayor de Blasio what the motivations are for a decision that will hurt so many children now and, frankly, forever.”

No, Eva you don’t have to ask about Mayor de Blasio’s obvious and transparent motivations. Bryant from the Movie “Blade Runner” explains it to perfection. “Stop right where you are! You know the score, pal! You’re not a cop, you’re ‘little people.’” Villains ye remain, Eva Moskowitz. Villains.Ye.Remain. Piven and Cloward would understand perfectly. If you want to be able to crush your enemies under the weight of the poor, you have to make the poor a constant and renewable resource. You don’t want them thinking. You can’t survive having them become self-reliant and still have the Modern American Left in its current form.


So when the Modern Left cues up the sanctimonious drone about Diversity, Sustainability or Equality, they are lying. They are wealthy, liberal hypocrites looking for ways to wall people off from the opportunity to join the upper reaches of American Society. Sustainability always means making the energy more rare and more expensive so that those not to the Gore Manor born can know their place. Diversity means forcing your kids to go to school with the most hopeless of the poor while their kids are different and enroll at Exeter. Equality!? Equality is making You People the characters in a sad, real-life parody of Harrison Bergeron. All of the crap that the Modern Left peddles about diversity, equality or sustainability is a smokescreen behind which they conduct the ultimate class war. Pace the evil Bryant; you know the score. You are not an SWPL. You are one of the little people.


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