The Monster In The Mirror II: The Culture America Increasingly Deserves

The Devolutionary Result of Demotism
The Devolutionary Result of Demotism

Demotism — Rule in the name of the People….Democracy and Communism are seen as two types of Demotism. Reactionaries view Demotism as a form of mob rule, where politicians pander to what they see as the popular will, rather than making their own decisions as independent leaders.



God will never permanently bless the demotic culture. Perhaps Christ Jesus will cease to abide it. When you next crack open Judges from The Old Testament pay close attention to what the interregnum periods between judges are alike. I’ll offer a hint: this hard rock standard could pretty much be the soundtrack. If you put any value in saecular history; Judges gives you one of the first repeated Epicycles.

1. Israel “does evil in the eyes of Yahweh.”
2. The people are given into the hands of their enemies and cry out to Yahweh.
3. Yahweh raises up a leader.
4. The “spirit of Yahweh” comes upon the leader.
5. The leader manages to defeat the enemy, and peace is regained.

It doesn’t take The Mind of Minolta to imagine the USA somewhere between step one and step two of the saecular progression from Judges. As Spengler posited in The Decline of The West America has gone from a rising culture to a decaying civilization and the visible rot of our popular culture is the indicative pallor of a cadaver undergoing decay.

As the Reactionary-In-Residence, Redstate Front Page, I note with a certain pride and satisfaction that our site has fought back against the ignorant Christophobia afflicting contemporary American culture. We have furthermore waged intellectual warfare against the tendency of mainline denominations to water down the hard truths found throughout The Gospel. Christianity will not survive the lapsed Churchianity supplanting the true word of God. There is no healing power of “And” here.


The cynic will scoff. “So RMJ; from Jeebusstan, AL, wants to preach his own Blog Revival. Next he’ll pass around the hat. Does $20 save my soul?” The answer would be “Not without a serious PMI.” The question totally misses the point of stressing the verity of God’s Word in political dialogue.

A Culture is built upon its social and religious institutions. Everything such as Art, Literature, Science, Law, Custom and higher learning that has made Western Civilization the envy of the rest of the world has come out of the word of God as revealed by The Holy Bible. John Glenn famously told his bosses on The Apollo Project “No bucks; no Buck Rodgers.” In discussing the trajectory of Modern American Culture; RMJ says: “No Christ; no Christmas.”

Walter Miller’s Apocalyptic Novel A Canticle For Leibowitz describes a final end state of a ruined civilization. Demotism runs so far amok that mobs of howling looters burn every book they can find. This ”Simplification” is the ultimate final cultural debasement. We may never have it this bad. However, like The State of Arizona, we will all be made to care long before it gets that far.

As Conservatives and Americans you get to smell anything that you tolerate. You get to live with it every day. Within your personal sphere of influence; you can control the extent to which the culture in your vicinity becomes a Demotic toxic waste dump. I challenge you all to be your own Judge and own your personal space. You can care proactively and turn off the garbage before it turns on you. America gets the culture it tolerates. This is exactly the culture we deserve. Demotism flows from the people. A person with moral courage can turn that flow off.



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