Toure’, Progressivism And The Attitude That Endangers A Republic

If You Listen To Nobody But Those Like You....
If You Listen To Nobody But Those Like You….

TOURE NEBLETT: Let’s just look at members who are supporting this Landrieu bill, right. Mary Landrieu from a red state. Senator Kay Hagan from a red state. Joe Manchin from a red state. Senator Pryor from a red state. Senator Mark Begich from a red state. Do you notice anything? We see red state Democrats who are dealing with the challenge of living and governing in a gerrymandered world where sometimes they have to deal with what the folks on the right – very low support from the Republican side for this – what the folks on the right want.


(HT: Newsbusters)

I’ve hated gerrymandering for years and wished someone would write an algorithm to draw Congressional Districts that would just about make it impossible. Perhaps I should feel vindicated that a cracker-jack pundit on MSNBC is seeing things my way. Here’s Toure Neblett getting religion on gerrymandering. It’s just that there are two problems. One, you can’t gerrymander a Senate District. The 2nd, more serious problem is his attitude.

He manages to condescend from a position of ineluctable ignorance. I mean Heaven Forefend! You must sometimes deal with what folks on the right actually want. Why, if it gets any worse for the Democrats on ObamaCare, they’ll have to publically testify that Conservatives don’t all have hookworms and green teeth. Bless their poor, little hearts.

And it gets worse! If you’re a Democrat from Oregon, you sometimes have to deal with rural people. Poor Jeff Merkley – it’s tough when your entire state is gerrymandered with an electorate from the cast of Deliverance. Toure’ however, had not yet finished dazzling us with his geopolitical insights. Diane Feinstein is dealing with a gerrymandered electorate in California,


Sen. Feinstein sometimes just goes to the right and just, you know, bucks her party from time to time. So she’s sort of an outlier in this situation.

but Barabara Boxer isn’t. So how do I break this to Toure’ Neblett gently? Feinstein and Boxer are from the same state!

Toure’ Neblett is the perfect representative for what the American Progressive Movement has become. He is blissfully unaware that a real world exists that could possibly see things differently for honest and condign reasons. He is the product of the post-modern American university education. The Nietzchean Last Man with a microphone and a primetime slot to autobeclown with to his heart’s content. At least he’s on MSNBC where the vast majority of the viewers won’t be bright enough to figure out the poor man is a few thousand lumens short of a solar flare.

But it’s the attitude that he projects while being wrong that is far worse than his lack of knowledge. He *hates* the fact that he or his ilk even have to acknowledge rural people or folks on the right. He’s a bit more subtle than Senator Bilbo, just not terribly much. My concern here is that this really is what people on the Left habitually think. I mean, he’s brutally wrong here; yet he still bristles with resentment and rank condescension that I could possibly disagree with a brilliant idea like ObamaCare.


I’m willing to concede that your typical staff member at The Obama White House has a higher brain density and more central nervous system function than Toure’ Neblett. I just wonder some days whether they have any greater respect for the rest of the country than the idiotic bloviator sharing his “ideas” on MSNBC. And that, more than the painful ignorance, is the problem with progressives like Toure’ Neblett.



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