The Navy Yard Shootings Had Nothing To Do With Gun Control or Race

Are They Really There To Protect Us?
Are They Really There To Protect Us?

A lot of people have raised pet political issues in the wake of the terrible Navy Yard Active Shooter Incident. Senator Feinstein and David Frum both seem to believe it couldn’t have happened had the government controlled all firearms and prevented the little people from owning any. Others diametrically opposed argue that a workplace full of guns would prevent Aaron Alexis and those of his ilk from ever having the guts to try.*


I’m of the somewhat iconoclastic opinion that arguments over whether there were enough guns, too many guns or the right type of guns available at The Washington Navy Yard have very little bearing on the tragedy that took place at that facility. I’ll set forth the proposition that what happened to the twelve shooting victims who died in Washington, DC is not directly related to how our government interprets 2nd Amendment Rights. It relates instead to how poor a return on investment the American People are receiving for our security expenditures.

So if tweaking or untweaking the 2nd Amendment won’t fix the active shooter problem, what will? One depressing answer is that the answer may well be nothing. Read some blogs from The Alternative Right, and you’ll be told that multicultural, post-modern, liberal Democracy will increasingly raise up new Anders Breviks as it degenerates into id-driven mob rule.

Another answer, and the one I would prefer to offer, is that we could very well have prevented the entire fiasco if we were getting what we paid for out of the American Orwell State that we have been increasingly establishing since the aftermath of 9/11. If this vast apparatus of spy agencies, tax collectors and Imperial Government Swat teams were actively engaged in keeping our nation safe from terrorists, crazies and criminals instead of mendaciously harassing the politically incorrect, then Christopher Dorner, Major Nidal Hasan, Dzhokar Tsarniev and Adam Lanza may well have been stopped.

Aaron Alexis, the newest spree killer to snap and spread needless misery, had a history of mental instability and problems with authority. With the time and money our government has spent demonizing and harassing the NRA for political capitol and electoral boost, someone please explain to me how a guy who has two firearms-related arrests gets a both a weapon and a Secret Security Clearance. Gun Control advocates clearly care more about harassing and demonizing law-abiding citizens with whom they have political and philosophical disagreements than they do about actually protecting innocent shooting victims.


And then there were the police reports concerning Alexis’ mental state….

A Newport, Rhode Island police sergeant reported Navy Yard shooter Aaron Alexis to naval station police last month after the suspect told cops he was “hearing voices” through his hotel room wall and that three people were following him and sending vibrations into his body, according to a police report obtained by In the document, the officer said that on August 7, he was sent to a local hotel to check out a suspicious person report involving Alexis, who told him he was a naval contractor and travelled often.

I lack the perspicacity to answer Karl Denninger’s question of whether Aaron Alexis’ access to both firearms and secure facilities continued because authorities didn’t have the guts to act against a black, or because of base incompetence. However, I will agree with Karl on one thing.

After all, believing that people are using a “microwave device” to keep you awake through the walls of your hotel room is pretty far out there.

This brings me to my conclusion. The United States of America has the largest spying apparatus, the biggest prison-industrial complex that doesn’t operate explicitly as a death camp, and the most psychiatrists in the world. The American Orwell State could protect us from this sort of thing. It chooses not to. It’s priorities have been perverted since 9/11. Arguments about race, gun control, and any other red herring issue surrounding the tragic Navy yard Shootings distract America from the real issue at stake here. Maybe our security apparatus no longer exists to protect us. They are better set up to monitor us and keep us down.


*-I will admit that a preponderance of these active shooters kill people in places that firearms are specifically banned. That would suggest the people advocating a heavily armed society have a slight logical advantage over those who advocate a disarmed one.


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