Obama visits Texas but not West, Texas

We Define Ourselves By The Choices We Make.
We Define Ourselves By The Choices We Make.

UPDATE: Obama to attend memorial in West, TX. Good decision. Thank you President Severus. I’ve been advised to totally take credit, but I give the glory to RS.com instead.


As reigning monarch over the burgeoning American Empire, Barack Obama finds his schedule jam-packed. He has to prioritize. It’s vital that he not get spread too thin. It’s tough being king, but somehow David “Tax-Day” Axelrod helps keep him straight.

For example: Barack Obama found time to address a yearning nation after the Boston Marathon Terror Attack. He couldn’t find one day for attending Lady Thatcher’s memorial service over in Jolly Old England. Another example: Barack Obama has no time in his busy schedule to visit the suffering town of West, TX where a fertilizer plant went sky-high in a tragic industrial accident. He does, however have plenty of time to !FUNDRAISE! in Texas. Kieth Koffler gives us his majesty’s priorities below.

President Obama is still not scheduled to visit the devastated community of West, Texas, where an explosion at a fertilizer plant five days ago killed 14 – including 11 emergency responders – and wounded approximately 200 people. Up to 75 homes were damaged, as well as an apartment complex that was decimated. Obama so far has sent prayers and money to the town, but not himself.

Heck, when it comes to fundraising, this administration reminds me of what life was like when Harold Dean was out there on the hustings making us laugh. I think the Obama Administration’s fundraising plan works something like this: “We’re going to Iowa, New Hampshire, Texas…YEAGGGHHHHHH!!!!


He will have ample opportunity. The president, along with First Lady Michelle Obama, will be in Texas two days this week, heading to Dallas Wednesday for a Democratic National Committee fundraiser and then remaining in the city overnight.

His decision to attend the opening ceremony for the George W. Bush Presidential Library in Dallas , TX is a nice thing for him to do. It, of course, precedes his !MANDATORY! appearance at a Planned Parenthood party in Washington, DC.

So President Barack Obama has plenty of time to fundraise, but no time to attend the funeral of a great leader who defied the utter hell that was Soviet Communism. He has plenty of time for Planned Parenthood that has done yeoman’s work to help perform 50 million abortions since fateful USSC Roe V. Wade decision, but no time to help West, TX mourn its dead. Such are the crushing priorities in the Postmodern, Divine Left Monarchy of Barack I.


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