Jesus Stomping – Literal and Metaphorical in Nature

Forgive them Lord.  They know not what they do.
Forgive them Lord. They know not what they do.

Yes, our culture has gotten that virulent in its implacable hatred of Christianity. Students in a class at FAU were given the following instructions by Instructor Deandre Poole*:
1) Take out a sheet of paper.
2) Write the name “Jesus” on the sheet.
3) Place the sheet of paper on the floor.
4) Stomp on the paper.


You’ll notice that nobody in their right mind would assign a similar exercise with the name Muhammad. Muslims are more shall we say energetic in pushing back against such detestable blasphemy. This time a Christian actually had the guts to push back. His name is Ryan Rotelas and he refused. Not only that, he also brought the incident to the attention of Mr. Poole’s boss.

At this point Rotelas, not Poole, was sanctioned. Silly, silly Xians, wadda’ya do with them? In Rotelas’ case you suspend him from the class and give him a big, fat F-^666 in Jeebus Stomping. That’s right, you intimidate the crap out of those foolish, little God Boys. We can’t have 2,000 Year-Old superstitions getting in the way of progress at an illustrious bastion of higher learning like FAU.

Once the University had kicked Rotelas out of his class, Rotelas had the good sense to lawyer up and call on sympathetic religious and secular authorities. By the time FAU had finished stepping in the cow pie, Florida Governor Rick Scott was “communicating” with the University Chancellor.

“Whether the student was reprimanded or whether an apology was given is in many ways (inconsequential) to the larger issue of a professor’s poor judgment,” Scott stated in a letter to Brogan. “The professor’s lesson was offensive, and even intolerant, to Christians and those of all faiths who deserve to be respected as Americans entitled to religious freedom.”


This was the nice part of the communiqué’ – the part for consumption by the general public. I say this because one of the pathetic, overpaid bureaucrats that crawl like parasitic dung-beetles over the organization chart of the Modern American University was out there lying and apologizing as part of a desperate rear-guard action.

“We don’t plan to use this exercise again, we apologize to everyone who felt it was too sensitive we recognize that,” says Dr. Charles Brown, Senior Vice President of Student Affairs at FAU. Dr. Brown says Rotelas was never up for punishment for refusing to step on a piece of paper with Jesus’ names on it. A lawyer for Rotelas says otherwise. “He met with the school officials about it and was informed of his suspension,” says Hiram Sasser, with the Liberty Institute. That’s when Sasser says FAU did an about face.

The home team won on this one. Mr. Rotelas will complete his course work under a different instructor. Dr. Poole will not be holding “Stomp Jesus” day anymore in his wonderful and enlightening classroom. But this is the smaller focus. This is the Street-Level Reality. Don’t get me wrong. I commend Mr. Rotelas for defending my faith. The true threat of Jesus Stomping is the metaphorical one.

Our nation deliberately writes and interprets its laws to defy and contradict the teachings of the Bible. These things don’t just happen. They are done out of malice and spite. The same Democratic Party that wrote the ObamaCare law in such a way so that the Catholic Church could be strong-armed into buying abortificants for its employees as part of their health insurance is the Party of Deandre “Stomp Jesus” Poole. The same Democratic Party that praises the beauty of homosexual marriage is the same party that convened its convention in Charlotte, NC and there booed God. Democratic Party leaders and activists hate Christians. There is no other way to interpret their continued literal and metaphorical Jesus Stomping.


*- Deandre Poole is predictably a Vice Chair of the Palm Beach County Democratic Party.


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