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The dystopian Science Fiction novel A Canticle For Liebowitz featured one of the best and most articulate examples of what happens when a society rejects modernity en masse. The “Simplication” involved the destruction of all things part and parcel to modern society. This element of destructive rejection resonated amongst the Egyptian grassroots that propelled Muhammad Morsi and The Muslim Brotherhood to power during the tragically misnamed Arab Spring. I predicted this would not be a Renaissance but rather a Bonfire of The Vanities.


And so here goes your proof. The same people who actually debate whether or not to blow up those idolatrous pyramids at Luxor, are now banning all music from Egyptian State Radio except “patriotic” tunes. Details of Egypt’s “Day The Music Died” followed below.

The broadcasting of any “romantic” songs or music videos on Egyptian state television channels has been banned, a state-run newspaper announced on Thursday, adding that only “patriotic” tunes will be allowed to be aired. Nationalistic tunes “that are worth broadcasting” will be allowed on the country’s 23 state-owned channels, the al-Ahram news website reported. Meanwhile, sarcastic songs mocking public figures will be also banned because of the “sensitiveness of the political situation,” it said..

So let’s repeat a question Paul McCartney asked sarcastically of John Lennon. Who wants to fill the world with silly love songs anyway?

Perhaps those who want the world to remain a place which affords some sense of freedom. In the end, this is the tragic reality of any culture that rebels against the unfairness and inequality of modern life. They have nothing evolutionary to replace it with. They rage impotent against that which they can only destroy and not make better. They devolve backwards towards that which the minimalist intellect can understand. They replace the old order with no order and shake their fists in ignorant poverty.


In the physical world true equality only occurs at one state – 0 Degrees Kelvin. That is why the revolutions fought for equality always end in fire, destruction and the guillotine. That is why Egyptian political leaders seriously discussed blowing up the pyramids at Luxor. Do you recall what was the deal- the day the music died? Looking to Egypt tells us where the ongoing revolution will ultimately end. The entropy can only stop at absolute zero.


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