Pale Horse, Puny Rider

MSNBC and the rest of hopelessly leftist media lost something when they fired Keith Olbermann. There were moments such as the night Keith covered Scott Brown’s victory over Martha Coakley where I was convinced it was excellent self-parody. John Stewart can do funny artificial news but Keith just went out and killed it!*


So watching the likes of Chris Matthews, Juan Williams and Chuck Todd try and fill the void is sort of akin to watching AA Ball after an evening of seeing the Yanks play live. But the effort and determination to demonize the GOP is still there! You and 99% of the rest of America probably aren’t watching, but these guys know exactly which lines The Minister of Propaganda want them to trumpet. Only the idiots who vandalized Mia Love’s Wikipedia page have played the Race-Card in a more laughable fashion.

To hear Chris Matthews discuss Welfare Reform as a racial issue is to hear the vast and unending contempt that Upper Middle Class White Liberals have for Working Class African Americans. He bloviates despicably below.

“When you start talking about work requirements,” he thundered at Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus, “you know what game you’re playing, and everybody knows what game you’re playing: It’s a race card.”

Newt Gingrich went “Newklear” on him during a recent issue and asked him “Why do you assume food stamp refers to black? What kind of racist thinking do you have?” I’ll take that one Mr. Gingrich. Chris Matthews needs blacks to look down on, or he couldn’t look down on anyone at all.

Like Samuel L. Jackson** posting to Twitter, the execrably and repulsively smug David Chalian probably wishes Hurricane Isaac had killed more Republicans. However, he projects instead and claims that Mitt Romney will celebrate Hurricane Isaac by having a party when black people drown.


The oily Chuck Todd is far too much of a passive-aggressive slime to openly admit his hatred like Mr. Jackson. His bile is also unconstrained by any 140 character limit. He indulges in oblique and carefully-couched race-baiting that Mr. Chalian could only aspire to. He offers us the following critique of how he believes the GOP “stages” minority delegates.

NBC’s Chuck Todd: “Rachel, the point is this. Republicans have been criticized in conventions past for while having a diverse list of speakers, that the audience is not diverse. Well this time, every delegation that has any sort of diversity to it, they are getting much more, much better seating so that when the cameras catch the delegates reacting to speeches it is a more diverse — the delegation looks like America.”

Now there is a finite, non-zero probability that some of these minorities attending the RNC actually respire and move around in response to their own individual volition. But they aren’t behaving in the fashion that Chuck Todd’s handlers have hard-wired him to believe minorities are capable of behaving. Chuck Todd has to assume they are merely card-board cut-outs of minorities that devious GOP operatives move around and position for maximum camera time. It’s the only way he can manage to maintain the coherence of his delusional world-view.


As any impartial observer would expect, Juan Williams was the most likeable of the three. He, at least, wasn’t being bigoted against his own kind. He almost made Archie Bunker look feminist during his commentary on Ann Romney’s RNC Speech.

“Ann Romney … looked to me like a corporate wife,” he said. “The stories she told about struggles — eh! It’s hard for me to believe. I mean, she’s a very rich woman, and I know that, and America knows that.”
There was a distinct pause, and then host Bret Baier said, “Wow, OK.” Host Megyn Kelly asked, “What does that mean, ‘corporate wife?”
“It looks like a woman whose husband takes care of her, and she’s been very lucky and blessed in this life,” Williams replied. “…She did not convince me that, you know what? I understand the struggles of American women in general.”

The only silver lining in the dark and ineluctable jungle of this cycle’s cynical racial politics is that it reeks of fear and desperation. It also reveals the totalitarian hatred that lurks cowering behind the leftist façade of open-minded tolerance. MSNBC can cut away from the Republican National Convention every time a speaker approaches the podium who isn’t both white and male. Chris Matthews can imply his contempt for the intellect and drive of minority Americans. Chuck Todd can claim that all minorities who disagree with Barack Obama without his express, written permission are not legitimate human beings.


Juan Williams can expose his ignorance and idiocy to the public by bashing Ann Romney for choosing to stay at home and raise five children as if that were a privilege every woman would line up for. If it were real work, Barack Obama’s White House Staff would gladly underpay her for the effort. What these idiots cannot conceal is that it is they, not Mitt Romney, who have an indulged in a sick, cynical racism that will ultimately condemn the Democratic Party to a humiliating defeat.

*-How sad that he wasn’t just kidding.
**-Unlike Chuck Todd, Mr. Jackson wasn’t too arrogant to be sorry after the fact.


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