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I make few denials about being partisan. I enjoy it at times like last night. In fact, I haven’t enjoyed watching a bunch of people from Wisconsin administer a condign beatdown on a deserving opponent this much since Brett Favre was playing in The Super Bowl. All gloating aside, a lot went into last night that goes far beyond just Wisconsin State-Level politics and provides possible direction as America moves forward.


The Left predictably reenacted Chernobyl. Here we have the charming and talented activist left rewarding Tom Barrett for gracefully accepting the will of the people. (HT: Jim Geraghty)

Here, MSNBC shows us how it earned the sterling reputation it enjoys for objectivity and fairness. Ed Schultz, Ladies and Gentlemen….

In fact, we’ve just heard from David Axelrod. He is NOT HAPPY. (HT: Aaron Gardner).

OK, that was just mean of me. I was only kidding about that being David Axelrod. However, this does provide a nice transition to discuss what I think the significant findings from last night’s pleasant experiment in democratic self rule verily were. I noticed four things in particular.

1) Ed Schultz got one thing right. It was to be expected. Economics, finance and money are inexorable. They function by predictable laws in a manner analogous to the physical universe. You can’t borrow beyond existing means and not expect an unpleasant margin call. You can’t live beyond your means and expect it to last forever. As I blogged about Rhode Island, time and reality are not on the side of public unions living large off of the fat of the Blue Social Model.

2) Wisconsin was just the tip of the spear. Governor Haley, Governor Snyder, Governor Cuomo, Mayor Emanuel and many other politicians from both parties have to face the face on the public union issue. Last night in San Diego and San Jose public unions were repudiated far away from Scott Walker Victory HQ. The New York Times reports below.


In both San Diego and San Jose, voters appeared to overwhelmingly approve ballot initiatives designed to help balance ailing municipal budgets by cutting retirement benefits for city workers. Around 70 percent of San Jose voters favored the pension reform measure, with almost 80 percent of precincts reporting. In San Diego, 67 percent had supported a similar pension reform measure, with more than 65 percent of precincts reporting.

3) President Obama doesn’t have to sweat Wisconsin just yet. It’s the rest of the country he should fear. Wisconsin has swung away from Obama by five points since 2008. He had thirteen points to burn. Mein Axelrod can chill out about losing Wisconsin. But let’s extrapolate what happens if that five point swing away from O-Mentum is a national phenomenon. Swing the 2008 vote totals from the Dems to the GOP by five points and the following Obama states go Romney: Indiana, Ohio, North Carolina and Florida. This would represent about an 80 Electoral vote swing. Barack Obama is still ahead, but he can lose this race. It is not a slam dunk anymore.

4) When the Left creeps people out, they don’t win by intimidation. As soon as someone stands them down, they lose. If this post by Ann Althouse is any indication, the activist left lost respect as the campaign ground on. Here we see Ann rub it in just a bit harder (hee-hee). The WI recall movement didn’t motivate anyone much outside the Occupy Movement to admire left-wing politics and beliefs more than they previously may have already.


The Scott Walker cavalry charge was epic on a Tolkinesque level. Yet it was only the boldest part of a mosaic playing out all over America as the Blue Social Model drowns ‘neath the rushing tide of history. For GOP Nominee, Mitt Romney, this is both a mandate and an opportunity. If he can solve this problem, we’re probably talking ten to twelve point swings of popular support away from the Dems. Like Scott Walker, the rest of GOP has to get to work on solving this problem betiding our nation. Last night we saw how such heroism is grandly rewarded. Be the change. Don’t just hope for it!



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