Detroit Calling – What’s Really At Stake In The Wisconsin Recall

Is Wisconsin Next?

Heartbreak in the Motor City! I was totally shocked and astounded to learn that Kwame Kilpatrick’s political sidekicks looted the pensions of Detroit City police officers and fire-fighters. According to Tresa Baldas of The Detroit Free Press, Kwame’s Magical Medicine Show included the following shenanigans.


…one day after the Detroit police and fire pension board unanimously fired a real estate company for spending $3.1 million of retiree’s money on two mini strip malls in California – without informing the fund. Turns out, the fired real estate firm also is accused in a federal indictment of giving numerous perks to Kilpatrick, including trips on private chartered jets, massages, golf outings and $50,000 to his civic fund.

Lifelong Democratic Partisan Dr. Walter Russell Mead had has skirts blown clear up to his chin. He was shocked! Shocked, I tell you, that gambling happened here.* He seems deeply (and perhaps obtusely) unaware of the rules of the road in The Age of Barack I. The tragic and willful blindness of an intelligent and well-educated adult towards the obvious and despicable tergivorations of his own political allies follows below.

I honestly don’t know why there is so little national outrage about this despicable crew and the terrible damage they have done. The ultimate victims of the crime are Detroit’s poor and the middle class and lower middle class, mostly African-American municipal workers who may face serious financial losses in old age.

Now Walter Russell Mead doesn’t want to admit it, but here’s the real scatology. Kwame Kilpatrick is a model Democrat; not a rogue one. He believes in grabbing wealth and power. When he claims he does it on behalf of the people, he means people who know and help Kwame. He is no different than Elizabeth “Princess Quota-hontus” Warren.


They are both dishonest. They are both cheaters. Intelligent Democrats knew well that both of these people were pathetic and disingenuous frauds. They were perfectly happy to condone and benefit from each individual’s Visigoth Holiday at taxpayer expense until they were caught. What “shocks” Democrats is the ugly PR when the little people get upset over these silly side-issues.

This brings us to the Scott Walker recall brouhaha in Wisconsin. A GOP Governor has won an election and has shut off the free beer dispensary in Madison, WI. The gigolos don’t have as much to jiggle and the godfathers are one step closer to a less-than-friendly meeting with God. We don’t know just how much garbage Scott Walker has successfully defunded, the Democrats are not cognizant of just exactly how much more he intends to “budget repair**” clean out of existence.

The Wisconsin recall race is not a fight over austerity. It is a fight over honesty. It is a fight over what governments exist for. Do governments manage a state or nation and help provide for a stable and abundant future? Or are governments a looting machine that you use as a methodology to settle scores and secure favors? If you believe the latter vote Democrat and hope they remember you when it comes time to pass out the fat envelopes.

If an average citizen of Wisconsin cares about how fat these envelopes get and where the cash in those envelopes comes from they had better get themselves to the polls and vote against recalling Governor Scott Walker. Kwame Kilpatrick has just revealed to us all what is really at stake in the Wisconsin Recall Election. Do we want another bunch of America’s cities to turn into corrupt cesspools like Detroit? If we let Scott Walker get taken out; don’t be too shocked if the wolf is at our door, in our home state three or so years from now.


* – Obligatory overworked Casablanca reference.

**- Like the current US Senate, Wisconsin, under the Democrats apparently had broken the budget in The State of Wisconsin. Perhaps anytime you follow a Democrat into power budget repair is your first priority upon taking office.



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