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Does This Strike AG Eric Holder As At Least Slightly Illegal?

Are you feeling economically disadvantaged? Want to make $10,000 really fast? We have just the deal for you. You too can take up a career in vigilante justice. All you have to do is burn your conscience in a bonfire and head over to newblackpanther.com for all the fascinating details.


You see, The New Black Panthers have expressed profound dissatisfaction with the fact that nobody has arrested George Zimmerman yet in connection with his having shot Trayvon Martin. This has caused them to demand that action be taken and demonstrated a willingness on their part to blatantly flaunt existing laws in the pursuit of what they call justice.

Standing next to sign that read “Stop The Killing,” New Black Panther leader, Mikhail Muhammad apparently failed to see the irony in his demands for an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. He did this while calling for the mobilization of 10,000 black men to capture George Zimmerman dead or alive. “Stop The Killing” indeed.

Of course any private entity setting up a posse and putting out $10,000 bounties on people who have not been charged with a crime violates numerous laws in any part of the country. In Florida, according to J. Christian Adams, it violates the following statutes.

Florida Code 787.01: Kidnapping; kidnapping of child under age 13, aggravating circumstances The term “kidnapping” means forcibly, secretly, or by threat confining, abducting, or imprisoning another person against her or his will and without lawful authority, with intent to: 1.?Hold for ransom or reward or as a shield or hostage.

Other statutes the $10,000 wated poster violate include 777.04-Attempts, solicitation and Conspiracy, 876.34 Combination to usurp government, (There’s a nice 2nd degree felony charge) and several others. A diligent State or Federal Attorney General would get cracking on this one right away.


Our US Attorney General, Eric Holder, has a well-documented history of not investigating The New Black Panther Party. When a voter intimidation case came to fruition against the NBPP, he summarily dismissed the charges. This was after the defendants had refused to answer to the charges and the DOJ had won on default. Michelle Malkin offers details below.

Two weeks ago, in a highly unusual move, Holder dismissed default judgments his department had won against two of three defendants charged with violating the Voting Rights Act. On November 4, 2008, a billy club-wielding militant in military-style boots and beret stood outside a Philly polling location with a similarly-dressed partner. Citizen journalists from the Pennsylvania-based blog Election Journal captured the menacing duo on video. One of the watchdogs observed: “I think it might be a little intimidating that you have a stick in your hand.”

So Eric Holder sees no legal problem with an outfit that has been labeled a hate group by the entire American political spectrum putting up wanted posters and offering a $10,000 bounty. (Even the radically left-wing SPLC denounces these malefactors!) The SPLC describes the following quotes directly attributed to New Black Panther Leadership*.

“Kill every goddamn Zionist in Israel! Goddamn little babies, goddamn old ladies! Blow up Zionist supermarkets!”

—Malik Zulu Shabazz, the party’s national chairman, protesting at B’nai B’rith International headquarters in Washington, D.C., April 20, 2002


And just to show it wasn’t a Jewish thing in particular, another leader of the NBPP offered up the following rhetorical gem in 2009.

“I hate white people. All of them. Every last iota of a cracker, I hate it. We didn’t come out here to play today. There’s too much serious business going on in the black community to be out here sliding through South Street with white, dirty, cracker whore bitches on our arms, and we call ourselves black men. … What the hell is wrong with you black man? You at a doomsday with a white girl on your damn arm. We keep begging white people for freedom! No wonder we not free! Your enemy cannot make you free, fool! You want freedom? You going to have to kill some crackers! You going to have to kill some of their babies!”

— King Samir Shabazz, head of the party’s Philadelphia chapter, in a National Geographic documentary, January 2009

What Eric Holder, and by extension, his boss President Barack Obama, aren’t seeing here is an opportunity. Do they ever get tired of being called Communist Revolutionaries and radical bums? Do they ever grow weary of having to denounce accusations that they deliberately play to the street mob to intimidate their political opponents? If President Obama and Attorney General Holder ever wanted to silence such accusations once and for all, they have the opportunity for their best day in office since the SF Soldiers got Bin Ladin.


A Federal Indictment, involving the RICO statute, could be filed against the NBPP for this $10,000 Wanted Poster. They could go on TV with a press conference where they announced how the Obama Administration has “Saved America From Hate!” We could all go back to being post-racial again. Barack Obama would then be an odds-on favorite for reelection by at least 5%.

Maybe this is something the President should get on the telephone and point out to his renegade Attorney General. Unless, of course, AG Holder is too busy living vicariously through the people posting the Wanted Posters and putting a $10,000 price on George Zimmerman’s head.

*-All of which are far more disgusting than what I properly condemned John Derbyshire for yesterday.


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