The Wages Of Hope And Change

The people writing these essays described in the YouTube above are the future of our nation. Someone who believes that “As human beings, we are not really responsible for our own acts,…” may be the person performing open heart surgery on someone you care about in a not-so-pleasant future. Regrettably, the quote continued. “and so we need government to control those who don’t care about others.” (HT: Karl Denninger)


Glenn Reynolds (of Instapundit fame) gets into the resource costs of this sort of belief system. In his column “It’s takers versus makers and these days the takers are winning” he points out the ultimate fallacy of this line of reasoning.

If you tried to hold a series of potluck dinners where a majority brought nothing to the table, but felt entitled to eat their fill, it would probably work out badly. Yet that’s essentially what we’re doing.

Dr. Reynolds brings up a valid concern. Lady Thatcher stated this more succinctly when she pointed out that the Socialists always run out of other people’s money. It took a while, but the Soviet Union, which boasted far and away more military might than any nation that had previously existed, was finally reduced to sending their conscript legions of doom to harvest a failing potato crop. What worries me more, however, is what this entire mentality (socialism, Communism, “Hope and Change”, whatever…) does to people on the way to having the potato crops fail.

Everyone cringed in 2008 when this video hit the YouTube.

The scariest thing here is not that some star-struck fan of a politician believed this. What scares me is that in just three years, this belief is becoming ingrained and institutionalized. You take the Federal Dollars today because it’s the American Way, Baby! There’s a word for idiots who don’t take the subsidy; a derisive pejorative. “Taxpayer!”


In just three years of Barack Obama’s Presidency, we’ve gone from an ignorant few holding this view to it becoming commonplace amongst second year Econ students on the nation’s college campuses. And it’s not because these students are stupid. It’s because they are keen observers of modernity and see exactly what gets you paid and laid these days. There’s just no percentage anymore in being productive when every moocher in Obamaville gets to take their vig.

So what do we learn from all of this? We learn from whence the cheesy zombie movies get their cheese-dog zombies. We learn why Winston Smith got happy with The Victory Gin. It’s because the helping hand is always the hand that controls. No state-empowered selector of who wins and losses will ever provide victory to a person of foresight, initiative, and genuine productivity. Otherwise, the government couldn’t step in control all those greedy (expletive deleted)s that just don’t care about others.


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