So Why Really Care That Jon Corzine Spent The Money Of Others?

The clowns and villains who run America have accomplished something really epic: they have vanquished meaning. Nobody knows what anything means anymore. Anything goes now. All bets are off.


(HT: James Howard Kuntsler)

Given Barack Obama and Joe Biden’s eager determination to right all wrongs in America and extend the shining light of equality from coast to coast; and to all 57 states in between, I eagerly await the frabjous day when Jon Corzine does his perp-walk in the dingy, orange pajamas. I’ve been informed that Godot is running a few minutes late this morning and he would appreciate it if I just remained patient. Kuntsler addresses the issue less sardonically below.

Is there still an Attorney General in this country? Will somebody please follow Eric Holder down a hallway and see if he leaves a trail of sawdust on the floor…. And by the way, what is the US Federal Reserve doing handing out billions of dollars to the Royal Bank of Scotland? Was Scotland admitted to the Union by stealth, too? Or did Jamie Dimon just buy it as a birthday present for Barack Obama, who likes golf.

But then again, why pick on poor Jon Corzine. He was a good Progressive in the US Senate and as Governor of New Jersey. As a professional politician, he spent his entire career spending the money of others as if it flopped out of his rectum and could fertilize the turf. People reelected him as a public official several times as he behaved precisely the same way he would later with MF Global. Now that he does the exact same thing in the private sector, we suddenly get our shorts all wadded up?


And it’s not as if our public officials in DC are any different than Barack Obama’s Wall Street Guy, Corzine. Our illustrious VP, Huey “The Kingfish” Biden recently visited Athens to discuss the recent string of Corzine Events afflicting the national governments of Southern European countries.

Biden said: “This man represents the Treasury department. He’s brought hundreds of millions of dollars.”…. Asked what his message to Europe was, Biden said: “Hang in there.

Funny guy that scrappy, Scranton Joe! We should have sent him to Somalia in 1993. I can imagine it now. “This man represents the Peace Corps. He’s brought a big sack of rye bread and turkey. Hang in there and avoid the war lords, and he’ll make you one heck of a Rueben Sandwich!”

Corzine is a convenient symbol for whom I’ve expressed a certain level of condign execration. Yet without we the people, Corzine would be in charge of a Hoboken Bucket-Shop. Millions of voters, expressing their own personal preference for ungodly corruption that pays them a short-term stipend, have elevated this man to a great pinnacle of power, influence and access to other people’s spare investment funds.

As the great and wise JRR Tolkien famously wrote: “Evil oft Evil mars.” Jon Corzine could accidentally serve a positive purpose. Spengler offered the following back-handed praise to fraud-miester Bernie Madoff awhile back.


I am Bernard Madoff. Well, not really. But I wish I were. Few Americans have done more to punish stupidity, pretension and complacency than Madoff, whose apparent US$50 billion swindle calls to mind the caper by Mephistopheles in the second part of Goethe’s Faust. The fictional devil persuaded the emperor to issue paper money against buried treasured yet to be discovered.

The only thing Mephistopheles and Faust screwed up is their failure to refer to this action as a counter-cyclical economic stimulus package. Had they done that, our modern commentaries would indubitably express an even greater sympathy for the devil. And yet there is always the chance that we could finally learn our lesson and extend it without loss of generality to the charlatans who our nation sends to Congress and The White House.

We were offered condign warning by a personage of no lesser stature than Pope Bendict XVI what would happen if people like Bernie Madoff, Jon Corzine, Spencer Bacchus, Nancy Pelosi or Barack Obama were given the reins of power over the economic conditions of others. Back when he was Cardinal Ratzinger, he wrote the following.

It is becoming an increasingly obvious fact of economic history that the development of economic systems which concentrate on the common good depends on a determinate ethical system, which in turn can be born and sustained only by strong religious convictions. Conversely, it has also become obvious that the decline of such discipline can actually cause the laws of the market to collapse.


So execrate Jon Corzine. Burn him as your scapegoat. Toast a few wieners over his carcass while he fries. But remember who handed him the keys. Remember who gave him the position and the influence that he used to steal $1.2Bn with an air of brazen and utter contempt for his victims. And when you vote in 2012, remember who he worked for and think twice before you trust any other Democrat more than you would trust Jon Corzine.



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