You Know The Left Truly Fears a GOP Candidate When…

Some on the Left have begun to fear Texas Governor Rick Perry. He has increasingly dropped not-so-subtle hints about a run for the White House. This has caused the usual and predictable sources to start unloading the smears.


The second a leftist fears a Conservative politician; they immediately whip out either the race card or the class warfare card. Texas Governor Rick Perry doesn’t have that air of being born to the manor. Thus, to smear Governor Perry, it pretty much has to be race card. Yet the race card, at least according to Jon Stewart, is maxed out. Therefore, a certain propaganda subtlety is required.

Salon Magazine, noted for its staff of disingenuous Leftist twits, has found another one in Justin Elliot. He shows us how the oblique accusation of racial bigotry will be steadily executed against Rick Perry in the paragraph below.

A 1998 voting guide published by a leading neo-Confederate group and obtained by Salon not only endorses Perry for lieutenant governor but also describes him as “a member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans.” Perry’s office did not respond to a request for comment about the governor’s possible membership in the Sons of Confederate Veterans.

(HT: Legal Insurrection)

Governor Perry wasted no time in disputing the factual basis of Justin Elliot’s ridiculous claim. Elliot soon heard from the Governor’s Spokeswoman and issued an update to his Salon Exclusive, that demonstrated how simple it is to run an exclusive when you don’t burden yourself with boring details like checking for facts. He was too busy photo-shopping Gov. Perry’s face into the Stars and Bars, and apparently couldn’t be bothered.

How Amatuers Play The Race Card

UPDATE 7/14/11: Perry spokeswoman Catherine Frazier issues this denial: “[T]he governor never joined that group nor has he ever paid any dues to it.”

Elliot was not to be daunted. His target was sighted and he would not relent. We now have learned that the supposed “C” and “D” student at Texas Art and Music University had a deep admiration for classical Muslim religious scholarship. So much so that our intrepid reporter, Mr. Elliot wouldn’t let the facts stand in the way of the Good Ship Jolly Old Polemic. He dubbed Rick Perry the “Pro-Sharia” Candidate. Again he ran with the blatantly offensive photo-shop job. This time it features the French pastry and The Star instead of The Stars and Bars.

Does Rick Perry Secretly Dig French Pastry?

Justin Elliot is floating the trial balloons. He behaves like a howler monkey chucking feces against a wall until something successfully sticks. He is an early warning of what the Democratic Party will be doing every day between now and Election Day 2012.


We, as Conservatives need to defend our own. As a caller to Sean Hannity’s program put it yesterday, “The Obama White House will attempt to irradiate any Republican who looks formidable between now and the next election.” It’s up to the GOP to defend rather than devour our own. When a Leftist accuses you of extreme speech, just show him Photo-Shop Daddy, Justin Elliot at work.


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