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GOP Willing To Sacrifice Sacred Defense Cow For A Debt Ceiling Deal

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Personally, I find this decision to compromise more of an outrage than the Huffpo Insider headline. According to a somewhat more trustworthy source of news and information than Huffpo Insider, there actually is a substance behind this particular instance of political snootiness from the typical troglodytes of the far-left Internet fever swamp. The Washington Post describes what a right wing version of Neville Chamberlain sounds like when interviewed.


Defense spending is “a pillar of Republican strength. It’s a pillar of national strength. Look, I know there are sacred cows,” Kinzinger said in an interview. “But we cannot afford them anymore.”

(HT: Washington Post)

Let’s unpack what Congressman Kinzinger just said here. National Defense is a pillar of national strength, but we just can’t afford it anymore. Can’t afford what Congressman, national strength?

If we can’t afford that, where in the (expletive) did we just get the money to fund the largest expansion of The Food Stamp Program ever before seen? Where is any of the money to pay for ObamaCare coming from? Or how about the money to fund one of the most spectacular epic-fail stimulus plans this side of the Green Jobs program in Spain?

Ah, but we have to be flexible, they tell us. We have to compromise, to prevent a tragic national default. Oh really, we should compromise with what? The US Senate, controlled by Harry Reid and The Democratic Party, is close to, if not over 800 days since they last passed an original scoreable Federal budget. It’s damn hard to compromise with the null set.

What further rankles about just throwing in the towel on Defense before the Democrats are even required to present and pass a scoreable budget, is the trend established. If only America’s art schools produced actual talent, than either Greece or Spain could be the new word. Instead, this sort of irresolute and unmitigated failure on the part of the Republican Party will make us less admirable than Greece. They gave the world Socrates and Aristotle; we counter with Hugh Heffner and P-Diddy.


We are now unofficially a nation that cares far more about some octogenarian’s prescription drugs than we do about manned space exploration or national defense. We are unofficially a nation that would rather transfer gargantuan volumes of its future wealth to a subset of people who will die soon than actively secure its porous national borders. We are unofficially a nation that believes it’s more important to hand out EBT cards to support the interests of Agro-Business and poverty pimps than it is to develop and properly utilize our available energy resources.

There is only one terrible thing preventing all of these things from becoming official Amerikan policies. Republicans are too gutless and uncaring about their country to make the Democrats openly state, codify and vote for every last one of these priorities. Make the US Senate actually mark up and vote for a bill that codifies every last one of those trade-offs I’ve described above. Make Charles Schumer have to have the guts. Any Republican Congressman that believes we should compromise before the US Senate performs its constitutional duty and passes a budget for FY2012 is betraying the long-term American national interest.

Again, it seems, it falls upon the shoulders of the Activist Right to hijack the GOP and force it to behave in a Conservative manner. We elect people to DC and they stand convinced, less than one year later, that a nation that overspends its budget by $1.6Tr has a revenue problem we can fix by firing a bunch of our soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines. I grow tired of having to ask people to write these GOP Senators and Representatives and request that they give a darn about what Amerika looks like five years past the next election date.



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