The Political Gnosticism of “Yes We Can!”

Don’t Immanentize the Eschaton.

– William F. Buckley (HT:

A lot of people think Barack Obama has pretty much performed a shameful act of biotic reproduction with the poodle when it comes to his reelection bid. The logical reasoning goes as follows:


A) Barack Obama has failed to solve our economic crisis.

B) People are sick and tired of hearing him whine about “This mess we inherited.”

C) This means Former Governor Palin can relax with bus tour. We could win the White House running her pet Yeti and save all the expense of holding a primary season.

I make it as far as step B with no great desire to dispute the logic and reasoning. I’m not even getting close to step C unless the pet Yeti has a lower unfavorable rating than the former Governor of Alaska. After watching the GOP hand the Democrats a Congressional Seat in NY-26 this week, I’m upgrading my odds on Barack Obama’s 2nd Term. They were at 60%. I now have him at 80%.

But RMJ, the guy sucks as a president. He’s not creating jobs, his healthcare plan is a homesick abortion, and when he can figure out why he’s currently bombing Libya, it would be darn chipper of him to politely inform the rest of us. Logic dictates the James Earl Carter had a much higher chance of beating Ronald Reagan.

And that last sentence is where the argument against the impending 2nd term for Barack I fails. Logic dictates nothing to America’s first Postmodern President. He has mastered the art of deconstructing logic and replacing it with Political Gnosticism. Anyone standing there butt-to-flank with their fellow zombies and chanting “Yes We Can!” has succumbed to faith-based politics.

Obama sells “Hope and Change.” He is a master of the empty, meaningless symbol. He has so successfully punched each person’s hot-buttons that nothing he says has to be grounded in logic. He just has to hit the correct pitch and rhythm. If he can sell 51% of the voters the opportunity to avoid being racist like those other people, he nearly becomes unstoppable. The camera rolls and the journalist stands prepared to cast shame and opprobrium on anyone who speaks evil of Barack I.


What we need to implant firmly in the public mind is this. Voting for Barack Obama does not represent voting against racism. It doesn’t end the scourge of racism any more than making Kimbo Slice the CEO of Krispy Crème Doughnuts somehow lets us all pretend blacks weren’t imported here from Africa and sold to perform slave labor on large, agrarian plantations. There is no escaping the sad and brutal episodes of American History.

There is the possibility of making a conscious decision not to let that history ruin your present or allow dishonest politicians to turn off your intellect. There is the possibility of us pointedly and repeatedly reminding President Obama, and all of his enstupidated followers, that a nation staring at 9% unemployment and a $25Tr budget deficit in ten years needs a little bit of economic leadership. We could tell the president and his evangelized, deracinated flock that screaming “Paul Ryan is a poopy-head!” is not a viable response to the fact that Medicare will be bankrupt like a Donald Trump investment strategy by 2024.

This needs to get out there. The results from NY-26 show us that the message “Paul Ryan’s Dad was a Nazgul” + “Mediscare! Mediscare! The GOP will cancel your Medicare!” currently gives the Dems a shot in Congressional districts that are +6 GOP in partisan composition. Compared to His Royal Disingenuousness, Barack I the Republicans are magnificently right on every major issue of the day headed into election 2012. We are also about to get our butts kicked in the same, repetitive, predictable fashion that the Washington Redskins do every year when they travel to the Meadowlands to take on the Giants.


The GOP is back where we were in William F. Buckley’s heyday. We are standing athwart an evil history, desperately yelling “Stop!” No matter how logical and accurate an observation it may be, nobody really wants to be informed that they won’t be going to heaven without having to die first.

That precise lie is what Barack Obama, the Political Gnostic, promises them. Can we get something for nothing? “Yes.We.Can!” As long as people still believe that fallacy, Barack Obama is almost a shoo-in for his 2nd term. God save our American Republic.


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