Collective Money!? When Did Anybody’s Earnings Become the People’s Dollars?

“Big Oil certainly doesn’t need the collective money of taxpayers in this country,” said Senator Robert Menendez. “This is as good a time as any in terms of pain at the pump and in revenues needed for deficit reduction.”


(HT: New York Times)

It seems that The Democrats have a strategy for addressing the higher gas prices that are killing American consumers. They intend to blame oil companies and saddle them with revenge taxes. In fact, the Senate Finance Committee has plans of hauling the executives of multinational oil companies to discuss tax subsidies and government incentives at a hearing on Thursday.

The Democrats are doing this in order to deny oil companies $21Bil in tax breaks for activities such as R&D and deposit this money into the Federal Treasury. President Obama wanted the collective money of the taxpayers to build clean energy projects such as the bird-hacking windmills built by his close, personal friend Jeffrey Immelt’s GE Corporation in China.

The Senate decided that exporting the People’s Dollars to China may prove unpalatable. They intend to earmark The People’s Dollars to reduce the deficit. Stop!!! Wait one cotton-picking….

Just when in the H_ _ _ did anyone’s profit become The People’s Dollars? Collective Money! Senator Menendez, this is not The Soviet Union! – Unless, of course, by our continued reelection of people like Senator Menendez we’ve made our nation less distinct from The Soviet Union.


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