Proud DNC Affiliate, Reuters Describes The Libyan Coalition

Obama is committed to partnering with other countries rather than going it alone as did his predecessor George W. Bush, which both broadens and complicates the decision-making process.


– Inner Party Truth-Organ, Reuters. (HT:New York Times)

Jeffrey Goldberg at The Atlantic read this purgative and quickly needed a lavatory in which to up-chuck. His nausea is understandable. His restraint in castigating such rampant dishonesty in the service of such a small and petty POTUS, was not as commendable as he thinks. This fraudulent garbage deserved a stronger, more virile rebuke. Goldberg offered the following “suggestion” to the proud media organ of The Democratic National Committee known as Reuters.

This, of course, is wildly inaccurate and misleading. Say what you will about the second Iraq war, but George W. Bush made partnerships with many nations in advance of the invasion, including and especially America’s most valuable ally, Great Britain, as well as Australia, Spain, Hungary, Poland, Denmark, South Korea, the Czech Republic, and a couple of dozen others. Reuters should correct this inaccurate statement.

(HT: The Atlantic)

No, Mr. Goldberg, Reuters did not just make an inaccurate statement. They deliberately and mendaciously lied! The nameless coward who authored this piece of “analysis” should apologize. Reuters should furthermore acknowledge their longstanding loyalty and advocacy on behalf of the Democratic Party. The Democratic National Committee should be properly billed for such media contributions-in-kind in accordance with whatever Dog’s Breakfast of campaign finance legislation applies to these cheap propaganda stunts.


Out of pure blogging sadism, I elected to document the extent of the dishonesty that Reuters just attempted to pass of as news “analysis”. The Wikipedia page on the Multi-National Force – Iraq, lists 40 distinct nations that at least contributed a small force. American military personnel have constituted roughly 75% of the manpower used in Iraq from 2003 to the present date. We lead and bore the heaviest load. But then again, it was pretty much our idea, prior to being codified into 17 separate UN resolutions.

The US mission in Libya has halting rhetorical support from The Arab League and may be palmed off onto NATO. How many countries are contributing? This is hard to determine, but certainly not forty. France, Spain, and Italy desperately need Libyan oil. Great Britain is involved on behalf of French President, Nicholas Sarkozy. Qatar sent four fighter jets. They perhaps want to be seen as good-guys, so that any possible Qatari no-fly zone will tilt towards the rulers, not the insurgents.

Reuters could eschew its partisan affiliation and honestly report the following.

Obama is committed to keeping Libyan oil flowing and arranging Kaddafi’s Big Hook-Up In The Sky with the 72 virgins of recent Islamo-fascist yore. He won’t admit this is the case and hasn’t even informed the US Congress why in the heck the US military is involved in this Charlie Fox-Trot. The decision-making process will remain quite broad and complicated until the French President Sarkozy grows exasperated with this piddle-(redact) and assumes proper adult responsibility for the current Kinetic-Military-Desert-Camporee.


-My totally fictional account of what DNC Reuters should have actually said.


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